VN 150

  1. What does LVN stand for?
    Licensed Vocational Nurse
  2. What is the PQRST study method?
    • P = Preview
    • Q = Question
    • R = Read
    • S = State
    • T = Test
  3. What are the four steps in the "Nursing Process"?
    • 1. Data Collection (assessment)
    • 2. Planning
    • 3. Implementation
    • 4. Evaluation
  4. What are the three brain types in the (E-S) theory?
    • 1. Empathizer Brain (E)
    • The empathizer intuitively figures out how people are feeling and how to treat them with sensitivity.
    • 2. Systemizing Brain (S)
    • The systemizer analyzes and explores a system to discover underlying rules that govern and drive the system.
    • 3. Balanced Brain (B)
    • The balanced brain is a balance of empathizing and systematizing.
  5. Explain Right-Brained individuals
    Right brained individuals tend to be intuitive, imaginative, and impulsive.
  6. Explain Left-Brained individuals
    Left-Brained individuals tend to be analytical, rational and objective.
  7. Explain idea sketches
    The process of generating a graphical represntation of a verbal concept.
  8. Explain mental imagery
    Write a short story where you become the idea you are attempting to learn. Remember the story "I Am Insulin"
  9. How do you get information from short-term memory into long-term memory?
    Study the information in several different ways and allow your brain the 4 to 5 seconds required to lay down a neural trace so that the information is now stored in long-term memory.
  10. What is the Teton Lakota indians proverb?
    Tell me and I will listen. Show me and I will understand. Involve me and I will learn.
  11. Explain coping
    adjusting to or accepting challenges
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