Module 5 obj. 20-21

  1. Meiosis vs. Mitosis
    • Mitosis creates two daughter cells that are identical to the "parent"
    • Meiosis halves the DNA content in Meiosis I and the MeiosisII resembles mitosis
  2. What are the differences between Haploid and Diploid cells?
    • Somatic cells make up the majority of the body's cells
    • -use mitosis to divide 
    • -these are diploid (2n)
    • -Two copies of each numbered chromosome plus to sex chromosomes (XX or XY)
    • Germa Cells (gametes) are the reproductive cells 
    • -use meiosis to divide
    • -sperm and egg
    • these cells are haploid (n)
    • -when they join they make a diploid embryo
  3. Mendelian Genetics 
    Because the mother's and fathers gamets each contain one copy of each gene, child inherits one copy of a gene from mother and one from father
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Module 5 obj. 20-21
Module 5 obj. 20-21