Romeo and Juliet

  1. Where does Paris meet Juliet before the wedding?
    At Friar Lawrence's cell
  2. The plan to save Juliet from a second marriage involves...
    • 1. Take Sleep Drug, Fake death
    • 2. Go with Romeo to Montua
  3. Juliet Agrees to...
    Marry Paris and obey her father
  4. Lord Capulet changes...
    days of the wedding to the next day
  5. Juliet takes the liquid and fears?
    • 1. She will die, liquid is poison
    • 2. Romeo or Friar Lawrence will not be there when she wakes up
    • 3. Nothing happens, won't work
  6. On the morning of the wedding Lord Capulet sends...
    the Nurse to get Juliet
  7. Who grieves over Juliet's death?
    Lady Capulet, Nurse, Paris, and Lord Capulet
  8. The Friar tries to comfort them by saying...
    She's in a better place, heaven
  9. Romeo Receives news from Balthasar that Juliet is...
  10. Romeo plans to...
    • 1. Go to Verona and see Juliet
    • 2. Kill himself with poison
  11. Friar Lwarence finds out that...
    Friar John never delivered the letter to Romeo
  12. Romeo arrives at the tomb but is confronted by...
  13. Romeo then...
    Kills Paris and kills himself
  14. Friar Lawrence arrives and suggests that Juliet come and hide in a...
  15. Juliet stays and...
    • 1. Tries to find poison
    • 2. Stabs herself with Romeo's dagger
  16. Others arrive and Lord Montague tells of...
    Lady Montague's death
  17. The Prince puts together the pieces and forgives...
    Friar Lawrence
  18. Montagues and Capulets promise to...
    • 1. Make a statue of Romeo and Juliet
    • 2. Agree the fued is over
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