Geology exam 2

  1. An Aquifer is
    A body of saturated rock or sediment though which water could move easily and is determined by its determined by its perosity & permeability( opposite of Aquitard or Aguiclude)
  2. What rock type is likely to posses the highest porosity
  3. The rock type that is likely to posses the highest permeability
  4. What determines how quickly ground water flows?
    Elevation, permeability, water pressure
  5. Artesian wells
    Water rises under own pressure
  6. Stalactites
    Hang down
  7. Stalagmites
    Hang up ^
  8. The decline in the levelin the level of the water table around a pumping well is known as
    The cone of depression
  9. Prolonged withdrawl of water from an aquifer
    can alter the porosity or permeabilty of an aquifer
  10. The top of the water saturated zoneis known as
    The water table
  11. Geyers and hotsprings
    are caused by groundwater being geothermaly heated
  12. Caves and cavern systems are formed by
    Ground water dissolving limestone and dolomite
  13. Gaining streams are those where
    water from a saturated zone flows into the stream
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