PSY 303 CH 5-9

  1. Retina
    most posterior part of the eye
  2. Transduction
    turning environmental information into signaling that neurons in your brain can use
  3. Fovea
    where you get accurate vision
  4. Rods
    detect light (black & white)

    high sensitivity (need little light to fire)

    low acuity
  5. Cones
    detailed vision and color

    low sensitivity with high acuity
  6. Rods and cones make up ___ ___
    photo receptors
  7. Release from Inhibition
    letting the bipolar cell get an action potential

    - rhodopsin closing of cation channels - 2nd messenger
  8. Dark Current
    in complete darkness, photo receptors fire like crazy (cation channels are stuck open)
  9. Basal Rate
    rate at which a neuron fires if left undisturbed (without input)
  10. Ganglion cells are about ___ NOT location.
  11. Ganglion cells are responsible for specific areas of the ___ ___
    visual field
  12. onset neuron fires when a light is ___.  An offset neuron fires when the light is ___.  A neuron that is either onset or offset detects ___ in light and will NOT fire if the light is ___. 


  13. Opsin
    Responsible for color perception

    light sensitive protein that changes its shape when hit by light
  14. Ganglion cells ___ the 4 color neurons ... it's NOT just about the activity of an individual cell.  Which one is firing __.

  15. Hypercolumn
    contains everything necessary for proessing vision

    - processes everything visual for specific parts of the external world 
  16. Perspective
    where things are in compsrion to other objects based on overlap in the visual field
  17. Retinal Size
    objects get larger on the retina as they get closer  
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