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  1. broad fanshaped muscle of mastication-found superior to the zygomatic arch
    temporalis muscle
  2. orgin of the risorius muscle
    the fascia superficial to the wasseter muscle
  3. action of the orbicularis oris muscle
    • 1.close the lips
    • 2.purse the lips
    • 3.grimacing
    • 4.kissing/pouting
  4. insertion of the muscle of facial expressions
    on the dermis of the skin
  5. insertion of corrugator supercilii muscle
    in the skin tissue of the eyebrow
  6. define: muscles of facial expression
    paired muscles in the superfical fascia of the facial tissue
  7. origin of the muscle of facial expression
    surface of the skull bone
  8. muscle of facial expression-forms the anterior portion of the cheek(lateral wall of the oral cavity)
    buccinator muscle
  9. origin of the depressor labii inferioris
    lower border of the mandible
  10. origin: temporalis muscle
    entire temporal fossa
  11. insertion of temporalis muscle
    at the coronoid process of the mandible
  12. action of the temporalis muscle
    raises the lower jaw
  13. insertion: levator labii superioris alaque nasi
    tissue of the ala of the nose and upper lip
  14. from the neck to the mouth covering the anterior cervicle triangle
    platysma muscle
  15. origin/insert/action: platysma muscle
    • origin: skin tissue superficial to the clavicle and shoulder
    • insert: lower border of the mandible and muscles surrounding the mouth
    • action: pulls the corner of the mouth down
  16. origin/insertion/action: mentalis muscle
    • o: mandible near midline
    • i: skin tissue of the chin
    • a: raises the chin;lips protrude;narrow the oral vestibule
  17. 4 pairs of muscles of mastication-attached to mandible
    • 1.masseter
    • 2.temporalis
    • 3.medial pterygoid
    • 4.lateral pterygoid
  18. movement accomplished when muscles contract
  19. insertion
    the more moveable structure
  20. least moveable end
  21. smile muscle-medial to the "major" muscle
    zygomaticus minor muscle
  22. origin/insertion/action: zygomatic major muscle
    • o:@ the zygomatic bone lateral to the zygomatic minor muscle
    • i:skin tissue at the angle of the mouth
    • a:elevates the upper lip and pulls it laterally-smile
  23. the zygomatic major muscle contracts with the orbicularis oculi muscle
  24. orgin/insert/action: zygomaticus minor muscle
    • o:body of the zygomatic bone
    • i:skin of the upper lip-adjacent to the levator labii superious muscle
    • a:assist in smiling
  25. thin ribbon like muscle in the mouth region
    risorius muscle(risoius-ribbon)
  26. orgin/insertion/action: risorius muscle
    • o: fascia superficial to the masseter msucle
    • i: skin tissue at the angle of the mouth
    • a:retracts commisure of the mouth back-smile/grimace
  27. triangular muscle in the lower mouth region
    depressor anguli oris muscle
  28. origin/insert/action: depressor anguli oris
    • o:the lower border of the mandible
    • i:skin @ the angle of the mouth
    • a:depresses the angle of the mouth-frown
  29. the occipital belly and the _____ belly can act independently
  30. origin/insert: occipital belly
    • o:@ occipital bone and mastoid process of temporal bone
    • i:epicranial aponeurosis
  31. origin/insert/action: masseter muscle
    • o:anterior 2/3 of the lower border of the zygomatic arch
    • i:mandible
    • a:raises lower jaw
  32. nerve intervention of the muscles of facial expression
    C-VII/facial nerve
  33. the largest group of facial muscles is associated with the ____ region
  34. the 2 ends of each muscle
    • origin
    • insertion
  35. 7 groups of the head/neck muscles
    • 1. cervical2. facial expression 3. mastication
    • 4. hyoid muscle 5. tongue 6. soft palate 7. pharynx
  36. cervical muscles include:
    • sternocleoidmastoid muscle
    • trapezius muscle
  37. origin/action: levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
    • o:frontal process of the maxilla
    • a:elevates the upper lip and ala of the nose-sneezing
  38. origin/insert/action: epicranial muscle
    • o:@ the epicranial apoeurosis
    • i:skin tissue of the eyebrow and root of the nose
    • a:raise eyebrows and scalp as in surprise
  39. 2 bellies of the epicranial muscle
    • 1.frontal
    • 2.occipital
  40. muscle/tendon that forms 1 layer of the scalp
    • m:epicranial
    • t:scalpal
  41. shapes and controls the size of the mouth opening
    orbicularis oris muscle
  42. origin/insert/actin: orbicularis oris muscle
    • o:encircles the mouth
    • i:skin at the angle of the mouth.
    • a:control the mouth opening
  43. muscle that encircles the eye
    orbicularis oculi muscle
  44. protects and moistens the eye
    orbicularis oculi muscle
  45. origin/action: orbicularis oculi muscle
    • o:the orbital rim, nasal process of frontal bone
    • a:closes/squents the eye
  46. o/i/a: mylohyoid muscle
    • o:mylohyoid line on the inner surface of the mandible
    • i:forms the floor of the mouth
    • a:elevates the hyoid bone-depresses mandible-form floor of the mouth
  47. muscle deep to the depressor anguli oris
    depressor labii inferoris muscle
  48. action: buccinator muscle
    pull the angle of the mouth laterally and shortens the cheek.
  49. o/i/a: trapezius muscle
    • o:external surface of occipital bone and posterior midline of cervical and thorax
    • i:lateral 1/3 of the clavicle and protions of the scapula
    • a:lifts clavicle and scapula-shrugg shoulders
  50. nerve of intervention of the trapezius muscle
    C-XI,C-III, C-IV
  51. origin: buccinator muscle
    • alveolar process of upper
    • alveolar process of lower
    • pterygomandibular raphe
  52. i/a:depressor labii inferioris
    • i:skin tissue of the lower lip
    • a:depresses the lower lip exposing the mand incisor teeth-irony
  53. o/a:corrugator supercilii muscle
    • o:frontal bone in the supraorbital region
    • a:wrinkle forehead/frown
  54. o/i/a:SCM MUSCLE
    • o:medial protion of clavical
    • i:posterior and inferior to the external acoustic meatus of each ear
    • a:neck bends to the same side and face rotates to the opposite side
  55. nerve of intervention of SCM
    C-II or accessory nerve
  56. o/i/a:stylohyoid muscle
    • o:styloid process of the temporal bone
    • i:body of hyoid bone
  57. o/i:sternothyroid muscle
    • o:posterior surface of sternum at level of 1st rib
    • i:on thyroid cartlidge
  58. o/i/a:hyoid muscle
    • o:
    • i: at hyoid bone
    • a:assist in mastication and swallowing
  59. short thick muscle-medial to the mental nerve in the mouth region
    mentalis muscle
  60. o/i/a:lateral pterygoid muscle
    • o:superior-greater wing of the sphenoid bone -- inferior-latural pterygoid plate
    • i:(unite)on the anterior surface of the neck
    • a:lower the jaw(inferior) bring jaw forward(both)
  61. 2 heads of orgin of the lateral pterygoid muscle
    • 1. superior
    • 2. inferior
  62. o/i/a: medial ptertgoid muscle
    • o:pterygoid fossa
    • i:medial surface of the angle of the mandible
    • a:raises lower jaw
  63. a: muscles of mastication
    a: closing jaw-grinding movement in jaw-shifting jaw to one side
  64. suprahyoid muscle is divided into what 2 groups
    • 1.anterior supra
    • 2.posterior supra
  65. elevates hyoid bone and larynx during swallowing
    suprahyoid muscle
  66. divided:anterior belly of digastric muscle and geniohyoid muscle
    anterior suprahyoid
  67. divided:posteriro belly digastoic muscle and stylohyoid muscle
    posterior suprahyoid
  68. o/i/a: geniohyoid muscle
    • o:medial surface of the mandible
    • i:body of the hyoid bone
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