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  1. buildup of plaque,with in an artery, caused by cholestrol, calcium, clotting proteins
  2. main "thing" that is responsible for causing blockage of the arteries
  3. condition caused by atherosclerosis
    cardivascular disease(CVD)
  4. what are the earliest reports of atherosclerosis?
    as early as childhood
  5. what can change the onset or severity of atherosclerosis in adult as they age
    lifestyle changes
  6. blood vessels can become compromised in certain disease such as high blood pressure this can lead to vascular leasions
  7. clot that forms on the inside of the blood vessel wall
  8. traveling blood clot
  9. bacteria that travels with in the vessels
  10. can a bactermia be dangerous for medically compromised patients
  11. cerebrovascular accident
  12. myocardial infaarction
    heart attach
  13. tissue damage
  14. the occlusion of blood vessels caused by stroke heart attack, or gangrene is called a....
    vascular leasion
  15. when large amounts of blood escape into the surrounding tissue without clotting
  16. vessels that undergo localized trauma causing a "bruise" aka:
  17. injured blood vessel allowing small amounts of blood to escape into the surrounding tissue then clotting
  18. has there been a link between CVD and perio disease found??
  19. one way valves that prevent backflow of blood and the spread of infection
  20. T/F: the veins of the head and neck have no valves
  21. blood flow ____ the heart depends on gravity...there are no vavles
  22. blood flow ____ the heart depends on the muscles and blood pressure..more valves are present
  23. primary blood supply to the brain-goes into the brain by way of the carotid canal
    internal carotid artery
  24. supplies everything outside the brain with blood
    external carotid artery
  25. microscopic atery
  26. connects arteries and veins
  27. microscopic vein
  28. communication between vessels by the connecting channesl
  29. extensive network of vessels
  30. blood filled space between layers of tissues
    venus sinus
  31. narrowing or blockage of the arteries/vessels by plaque buildup
  32. substances that can line the artery wall(not good)
  33. pulse felt at the common carotid artery
    carotid pulse
  34. the lack of valves in the head and neck is reason for....
    the spread of infection
  35. larger, more variable, and more numerous than corresponding arteries
  36. major suppliers to the head, neck and uupper limbs-left arise from aorta and right arise from brachiocephalic artery
    common carotid artery(and subclavian)
  37. inside the carotid sheath, divides into the internal and external carotid artery at the level of the larynx
    common carotid artery
  38. swelling of common carotid artery just inferior to the bifurcation
    carotid sinus
  39. lateral to the common carotid artery-destination is upper extermity
    subclavian artery
  40. runs upward-no branching-supplies intracranial structures-source of opthalmic artery
    internal carotid artery
  41. supplies the extracranial structures of the head, neck, and oral cavity thorugh 4 sets of branches
    external carotid artery
  42. 4 branches of the external carotid artery
    1.anterior 2.medial 3.posterior 4.terminal
  43. 3 branches of the anteror branch (extrnal carotid)
    1.superior thyroid 2.lingual artery 3.facial artery
  44. suppplies structures inferior to the hyoid bone
    superior thyroid artery
  45. supplies superior to hyoid bone-branches include dorsal, lingual,deep lingual, sublingual and suprahyoid branches
    lingual artery
  46. supplies face, oral buccal zygomatic nasal infraorbital and orbital regions-branches:ascending palatine, submandibular, submental, inferior labial, superior labial, and angular arteries
    facial artery
  47. ascending pharyngeal artery-
    medial branch
  48. 2 branches of the medial branch
    pharyngeal branch - meningeal branch
  49. supplies the throat muscles
    pharyngeal branch
  50. supplies the "brain wrapper"
    meningeal branch
  51. aka:"brain wrapper"
  52. 2 branches of the posterior branch
    1.occipital 2.posterior auricular
  53. supplies the internal eaar
    posterior auricular
  54. supplies the suprahyoid and sternocleidomastoid muscle,scalp
    occipital branches
  55. divides into the superficial temporal and the maxillary artery
    terminal branch
  56. divides into the middle temporal - frontal branch - parietal branch-
    superficial temporal
  57. vein that drains the brain
    internal jugular vein
  58. drains extracranial tissues
    external jugular vein
  59. 2 veins that have many anastomoses
    internal and external jugular veins
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