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  1. Ionizing radiation
    Radiation that possess the ability to remove electrons from atoms by a process called ionization
  2. Somatic Effects
    Regers to effects of radiation on the body being irradiated
  3. Genetic Effects
    Regers to effects of radiation on a germ cells fenetic code; effects next generation
  4. Natural Background radiation
    Radiation contained in the unpolluted environment
  5. Artificially produced radiation
    Also called man made radiation (Medical X-rays)
  6. Primary Radiation
    radiation exiting the x-ray tube
  7. Exit Radiation, (remnant radiation, image producing radiation)
    x-rays that emerge from the patient and strike the image receptor
  8. Attenuation
    absorption and scatter (loss of intensity of the x-ray beam as it passes through the patient
  9. Heterogeneous Beam
    X-ray beam that contains photons of many different energies
  10. Photoelectric effect
    Absorption of x0ray photons in the atoms of the body
  11. Comptons Effect
    Scatter of x-ray photons from the atoms of the body
  12. Roentgen
    Traditional unit of in air exposure
  13. Coulombs per kilogram (c/kg)
    SI unit of in air exposure
  14. Rad
    Tradional unit of absorbed dose
  15. Gray
    Si unit of absorbed dose
  16. Rem
    Tradional unit of dose equivalency:dose limit
  17. Sievert
    Si unit of dose equivalency
  18. Curie
    Traditional unit of activity
  19. Becquerel
    Si unit of activity
  20. international commission on radiological protection
    recommends occupational and public radiation dose limits for all nations
  21. National council on radiation protection and measurements
    Publishes radiation protection guidelines for the US
  22. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Enforces radiation protection standards at the federal level
  23. united nations scientific committee on the effect os radiation
    evaluates radiation exposure from multiple source and evaluates over all risk estimates
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