Lab A&P II Dig. Physiology

  1. Discuss the digestion of lipids
    Lipids are fats. The substrate is either lilk fat or litmus cream

    The enzyme is lipase (pancreatic)

    The monomer for absorption is fatty acids

    it takes 90 minutes in the 37C bath

    The reagent is Litmus (may be built into substrate)

    • Color indication:
    • Acidic: pink/lilac/lighter
    • Basic: blue/dark purple
  2. Discuss the digestion of proteins
    The substrate for the test is BAPNA

    The enzyme is trypsin

    The monomer for absorption is amino acids

    60 minutes in 37C bath

    The reagent is built in

    • Color indication:
    • yellow-AA
    • clear-protiens
  3. Discuss the digestion of carbs
    • *spot plate test
    • The substrate is starch

    the enzyme is amylase

    the monomer for absorption is simple sugars

    30 minutes in 37C bath

    • reagent: Iodine
    • Benedicts in boiling water

    • Color Indication:
    • Iodine: black with starch
    • Benedicts: orange with monosaccharides
  4. After these monomers reach the blood, where do they go?
    Hepatic Portal system

    EXCEPT for monoglyceride and fatty accids, which goes to the lacteals
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