OLS 252 Chptr 10

  1. What is decision making?
    Would be best described as an exercise in evaluating trade-offs.
  2. What is the Satisficing Model?
    A Model that finds a solution that is satisfactory and sufficient.
  3. What is the Implicit Favorite Model?
    A model taht implies that the decision maker has already determined the requirement for a solution and has determined a course of action.
  4. What is the first three steps in the Maximizing or Rational Decision-Making Model?
    Identify the need for a decision and prioritize the problems, determine the Musts and Wants, and allocate weights to the want criteria.
  5. What are the 5 textbook types of actions in decision making?
    Corrective action. Interim action. Preventative action. Contingency action. Adaptive action.
  6. What are some Group Decision techniques?
    Interacting, brainstorming, nominal, delphi, and electronic.
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