Heart valves

  1. What causes the AV valve to open?
    increasing pressure from atria filling
  2. what completes the emptying of the atria?
    atrial kick! accounts for 10-15% of cardiac output
  3. valves ensure...
    one way blood flow and prevent backflow
  4. chordae tendinae attach
    the MV to the pap muscles
  5. the mitral vavle is opened during
  6. only valve with two leaflets
    Mitral... anterior and posterior leaflets
  7. out of the two mitral vavles which is usually larger?
    the anterior leaflet
  8. the mitral valve closes...
    halfway through the QRS wave
  9. aortic valve opens
    at the end of QRS
  10. papillary muscles can have ______ or ________ heads
    single or multiple heads
  11. The anterior/_______ pap muscle is located
    Lateral... on the sternocostal endocardial border
  12. The posterior/ _____ pap is located
    on the diaphragmatic border
  13. Mitral annulus is
    • the connecting zone between the LA and LV
    • SUports the base of the leaflets
  14. normal valve area
    4-5 cm^2
  15. The Tricuspid valve has three leaflets what are their names?
    • anterior
    • posterior
    • Medial/ septalĀ  (most inferior leaflet)
  16. RIght Heart Diease is ____ _________ than Left Heart Diease
    Less Common
  17. any condition that affects the left heart valves can
    affect the right heart valves (stenosis regurgitation)
  18. PSAX at the base is a good view for
    assessing tricuspid regur. and ASDs

    alsooo optimal view to see all three aortic cusps
  19. atrioventricular vavles
    mitral and tricuspid
  20. semilunar valves
    aortic and pulmonary
  21. the names of the 3 aortic lealets
    Left, and right coronary, and noncoroanary cusp
  22. av opens after
    isovolumic contraction (IVC) when the LV pressure exceeds the aortic pressure
  23. the aortic leaflets shown in PLAX
    Right coronary and noncorarnary cusp
  24. aortic valve is closed in
  25. aortic vavlve is open in
  26. systole
  27. diastole
  28. normal aortic valve area
    3-4 cm^2
  29. Pulmonary valve leaflets are like the ______ leaflets but....
    Aortic Valve but thinner
  30. The cusps of the pulmonary valve
    • Anterior
    • Right
    • Left
  31. where can you see the pulmonary valve
    • PLAX (RV outflow)
    • PSAX at the base
    • Subcostal short
  32. The sinus of Valsalva is
    the part of the aorta where the Coronary ostia are found.
  33. normal adult peak AV velocity
    1.7 m/sec
  34. normal Pv velocity
    between .5and .9 m/sec
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