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    Nathan; Gentlemen don’t worry. Nathan Detroit’s crap game will float again.. My boys will let you know where it is.
    Angie the Fox: OK Nathan. Say you know who is looking for action? Sky Masterson. Sky Masterson’s in town.
    Nathan; Sky Masterson! There is the highest player of them all.
    Benny; Higher than the Greek?
    Nathan; Higher than anybody. Why do you think they call him Sky. That’s how he bets. I once saw him bet a five thousand dollars on a cockroach. And another time he was
    sick and he would’t tale penicillin on account he had bet ten CXs that his temperature would go to 104.
    Did it!
  2. Nathan: Did it? He’s so lucky it went to 106.Good old Sky.
    Maybe you can borrow the thousand from Sky?
  3. Nathan: Not Sky. With him that kind of money ain’t lending money. It’s betting money. So why don’t I bet him. Why don’t I bet him a thousand on something?
    Would you bet with Sky Masterson?
  4. Nathan; I aint scared….Cheesecake! Ooh! Run into Mindy’s restaurant and ask Mindy how many pieces of cheesecake he sold yesterday and also how many pieces of strudel.
    Benny: How much cheesecake, how much strudel.What do you want to know for?
    Nathan: Just find out! Now beat it, here comes Adelaide…….
    (Leave stage R)
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p 14-15