1. What is the forebrain?
    The most rostral of the three major divisions of the brain; includes the telencephalon and diencephalon
  2. The primary visual cortex is?
    The region of the posteiror occipital lobe
  3. What is the limbic system?
    a group of brain regions including the anterior thalamic nuclei, amygdala, hippocampus, limbic cortex, and parts of the hypothalamus
  4. What is the hippocampus?
    A forebrain structure of the temporal lobe, constituting an important part of the limbic system involved in learning/memory; also called, Ammon's horn.
  5. What is the Amygdala?
    A structure in the interior of the rostral temporal lobe involved in emotions; a part of the limbic system
  6. What is the thalamus?
    The largerst portion in the diencephalon, located above the hypothalamus, involved in distributing sensory information
  7. What is the hypothalamus
    The group of nuclei of the diencephalon, involved in regulation of the autonomic nervous system, control of the anterior and posterior pituary glands, and integration of species-typical behaviors
  8. What is the superior colliculi?
    Protustions on top of or dorsal to the midbrain; involved in visual reflexes and in blindsight
  9. What is the substantia nigra?
    A darkly stained region of the tegmentum that contrain neursons that communicate with the caudate nucleus and putamen in the basal ganglia; involved in motor control
  10. Cerebellum
    A major part of the brain located dorsal to the pons, an important component of the motor system.
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