Apical, subcostal, & SSN

  1. from the 4 chamber view how do you get to the 5 chamber?
    by angling anteriorly
  2. from 4 chamber how to get to 2 chamber
    rotate counter clockwise
  3. 2 chamber to 3 chamber
    rotate more clockwise
  4. apical 3 have the same structures as
    PLAX but more vertical
  5. Where is the tdr placed for a subcostal long axiz?
    • infrior to the xiphoid process and angled superioly towards the head
    • TDR indicator towards the lateral side
  6. best view to evaluate pericardial effusion?
    Subcostal long axis
  7. from subcostal long, how do you get to short axis?
    • by rotating the TDR counter clockwise
    • the TDR indicator¬† should be pointed towards the head
  8. subcostal short axis has the same structures as?
  9. SSN Long axis shows:
    • AAO & DAO, AO Arch, and branches (Brachephalic (aka inominate) artery, Left common carotid, left subclavian artery)
    • RPA (right pulmonary artery)
    • LA
  10. how to get to SSN short axis from long?
    Turn counter clockwise.
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Apical, subcostal, & SSN
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