OLS 252 Chptr 9

  1. What is the textbook definition for Leadership?
    The art and science of getting the job done through the willing efforts of others.
  2. What is the Trait Theory?
    People are born leaders.
  3. What is the Behavioral Theory?
    People can learn to be leaders.
  4. What two leader characteristics did the Ohio State Univerisity Study find?
    Initiating Structure leadership. Consideration leadership.
  5. What is the Contingency Theory?
    The theory that linking the situation with the leader's behavior and with the follower's attitude.
  6. What are the two models associated with the Contingency Theory?
    Contingency Model and the Situation Leadership Theory.
  7. What are the three elements of the Contingency Model?
    Position Power. Task Structure. Leader-member relations.
  8. What is the Situational Leadership Model?
    Proposes that a leader's style is flexible and may be adjusted to fit the situation.
  9. What are some characteristics of Charismatic and Visionary Leadership style?
    Self-confidence. Vision. Articulates the vision. Strong convictions about the vision. Behavior is out of the ordinary. Perceived as a change agent. Sensitive to the organziational environment.
  10. What is the difference between transformational and transactional leadership?
    Transformational leadership is an extension of transactional leadership.
  11. What is Transactional Leadership?
    Provides contigent rewards. Management by exception. Management by exception.
  12. What is transformational leadership?
    Charisma and inspiration. Intellectual stimulation. Individualized consideration.
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