1. What historical event caused a revolution in oral home care?
  2. What was the correct amount of flouride per water that effectively reduces tooth decay?
    .1 ppm
  3. What was the first city to add flouride to the public water system?
    Grand Rapids, MI
  4. What toothpaste company came out with the first flouride toothpaste?
  5. Who invented the first high speed dental drill in the 1950s?
    Richard Page
  6. Nicolas Dubois Chermant recieved the first patent for (what kind) of dentures?
  7. Who was the first to mass produce a more modern toothbrush in England?
    William Addis
  8. The 1st known case of post-mortem dental forensics was performed by?
    Paul Revere
  9. What type of crown did Claude Mouton recommend?
  10. When John Baker immigrated to America, where was his first practice located?
  11. Who made the foot treadle dental engine?
    James B. Morrison
  12. In what year was the 1st pump-type hydraulic dental chair introduced?
  13. Who invented the 1st collapsible metal tube for tooth paste?
    Dr. Washington Wentworth Sheffield
  14. Who came up with classifications for dental restorations?
  15. Who was the 1st person to discover the use of cocaine as a local anesthetic?
    Carl Koller
  16. Which statement is NOT a characteristic of 4-handed dentistry?
    the dentist is the one that appoints duties for each qualified team member
  17. What was the name of the 1st electric toothbrush marketed in the U.S.?
  18. Who discribes the techniques for the osseo-integration of dental implants?
    Per-Ingvar Branemark
  19. Who created the formula for @ home bleaching?
    Dr. George
  20. When was the fully reclining dental chair introduced?
  21. Richard C. Skinner wrote_______?
    Treatise on the Human Teeth
  22. The world's 1st dental journal was published in 1839 called?
    The American Journal of Dental Science
  23. The 1st reclining dental chair was designed by?
    James Snell
  24. Who is responsible for discovering vulcanite?
    Charles Goodyear
  25. The Dental School opened on Oct. 1st in 1859 to provide...?
    regulated, structured training for students in dental medicine
  26. What element was produced in the chemical reaction of an amalgam?
  27. How many women were in the 1st graduating class of 1914?
  28. Which substance was used as the 1st local anesthetic, but was later found to be addictive?
  29. Where was the Federation Dentaire International founded at?
  30. What machine was used in lost wax technique?
    centrifugal casting machine
  31. In the 700s, what type of material did the Chinese use for restorations?
    silver paste
  32. After the monks were banned from performing surgeries, who took over their responsibilities?
  33. Why were surgeons seperated into 2 catagories?
    medicine became more defined
  34. Who identified oral bacteria using the microscope?
    Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek
  35. Who is known as the "Father of Surgery"?
    Ambroise Pare'
  36. What was thought to be the tooth worm in early times?
  37. What tool was used on the teeth of the Neolithic people?
    bow drill
  38. During both the 17th & 18th centuries, what was the 1 dental practice mentioned that has not changed?
    relocating a displaced mandible
  39. Who was said too be the most important medical writer in the Roman Empire?
  40. What was NOT a topic that Hippocrates was said to have written about?
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