S&T Week 5(final)

  1. Arbitration
    A form of dispute resolution that allows a neutral party to settle the dispute
  2. Common law
    Refers to laws developed in Egland and France and brought to the United States by the early settlers
  3. Defendant
    Person who defends action brought in litigation
  4. Deposition
    Oral testimony given by an individual with a court reporter
  5. Felony
    A serious crime such as murder, larceny, assault, and rape
  6. Implied Consent
    Consent assumed by the healthcare provider, typically in an emergency that threatens the patients life
  7. Informed Consent
    Consent given by the patient who is made aware of any procedure to be performed, its risks, expected outcome and alternatives
  8. Libel
    False and malicious writing about another
  9. Litigation
    Court action
  10. Malpractice
    Professional negligence
  11. Mediation
    Dispute resolution that allows a facilitator to help the two parties settle their differences and come to an acceptable solution
  12. Negligence
    Failure to exercise a certain standard of care
  13. Minor
    Person who has not reached the age of majority, usually 18 years
  14. Plaintiff
    Person bringing charges in litigation
  15. Slander
    False and malicious words about another
  16. Image Upload 2Subpoena
    Written command designating a person to appear in court under penalty for failure to appear
  17. Tort
    Wrongful act that results in injury to one person by another
  18. Bioethics
    Branch of medical ethics concerned with moral issues resulting from high technology and sophisticated medical research
  19. Image Upload 4Cryopreservation
    Storage of biologic materials at extremely cold temperatures for use at a later time
  20. Ethics
    Defined in terms of what is morally right and wrong
  21. In Vitro Fertilization
  22. Image Upload 6Surrogate
    Someone who substitutes for another
  23. Sx
  24. Tx
  25. Image Upload 8BCP
    Birth Control Pills
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