political science final

  1. Authoritarianism is
    the forcible exclusion of people from politics; i.e. dictatorship
  2. Three kinds of authoritarianism
    • 1. army ruled
    • 2. single party
    • 3. corporatism
  3. Example of military rule
  4. Example of one party rule
  5. Example of corporate rule
  6. Totalitarianism is
    transforming mankind according to a new morality; want to establish perfection
  7. Nigeria's east:
    Nigeria's west:
    Nigeria's north:
    • Roman Catholic
    • Anglican
    • Muslim
  8. Nigeria's parliamentary government failed because of...
    tribalism or the lack of a national elite or a national identity
  9. Fundamental political problem in Nigeria
    Affluent minority
  10. stereotyping is
    a wild exaggeration of a small truth
  11. Genocide is
    killing of people because of their identity
  12. Nigeria is ruled by
    the army
  13. Military values are incompatible with
    Democratic governance
  14. The unfortunate cycle of Nigerian politics revolves around
    splits within the military
  15. Splits within the military in Nigeria
    cause the dictators to abandon/give up powers
  16. Modern Mexican history revolves around
    the oil industry
  17. The Mexican Revolution
  18. The Mexican revolution was a
    nationalist revolution
  19. Plutarchio Calles and Lazaro Cardenas were
    founders of modern Mexico
  20. The Mexican Political system is
    a single political party
  21. The presidency in Mexico
    • * single six year term
    • * names successor
    • * appoints governors
  22. Democracy was brought to Mexico by
    President Zedillo Ponce de Leon
  23. Spain is a
    corporatist dictatorship
  24. corporatist dictatorship is
    the most effective and most efficient dictatorship
  25. Characteristics of Modern Spain
    • * rapid industrialization
    • * class polarization
  26. Class polarization caused
    the spanish civil war
  27. Corporatist dictatorship was created by
    General Francisco Franco
  28. Franco was dictator from
  29. Franco controls social conflict
    by eliminating all change for 40 years
  30. Corporatism works by
    • * dividing society into separate social compartments
    • * runs society as if it were a giant corporation
  31. corporatism outlaws
    all political parties
  32. Corporatism aided by bans on travel and
  33. Franco's Corporation failed because of
    • * the succession/leadership question
    • * economic backwardness/poverty
    • * capitalism
  34. Spain is now
    a parliamentary democracy
  35. Nazism is
    a totalitarian government
  36. World War I was started by Germany to
    raise national unity and begin conquest of Europe
  37. WWI ended with
    the Treaty of Versaille
  38. Britain and France created the Weimar Republic which
    was a weak parliamentary government which lacked legitimacy
  39. Because of the imposition of the Weimar Republic, Germany suffered
    • * national defeat and humiliation
    • * economic collapse
    • * breakdown of law and order
    • * sense of isolation and insecurity
  40. To answer problem of humiliation, Hitler provided
    a scapegoat in the Jews, Homosexuals and Liberals
  41. To counter economic collapse, Hitler
    prepared for war
  42. To deal with the breakdown of law and order, Hitler took away
    personal rights and freedom
  43. To counter the sense of isolation and insecurity, Hitler
    proposed revenge and payback
  44. Nazis come into power in
  45. Hitler came to power
  46. Hitler saw himself as a
    man of destiny
  47. Social darwinism is
    the mistaken application of the ideas of animal evolution to human society
  48. Nazis believed the central problem was
    blood polution
  49. The Master Race was made up of
  50. The English and Scandinavians were considered
    hopelessly polluted Degenerates subject to cleansing (killing)
  51. The Latins, Slavs, Asiatics and Africans were considered
    subhumans and were subject to cleansing (killing) to make room for master race
  52. Gypsies, Jews, Homosexuals and the mentally deficient were
    parasites intended to be exterminated.
  53. The first target of Nazi extermination were the
  54. The first step in the extermination of the Jews was
  55. The 1935 Nuremburg Laws
    deprived Jews of the citizenship
  56. After separation, the Jews were subject to
    confinement in Eastern Europe's ghettos
  57. The Wansee Conference in January 1941 was
    a planning meeting for final solution of mass murder
  58. Concentration camps were
    industrial mass murder
  59. The Nazi State is organized with power concentrated at the top with
    the Fuhrer (Hitler)
  60. All law making power was give to Hitler in the
    1933 Enabling Act
  61. The legal foundation of the Nazi state was
    the Enabling Act (1933)
  62. After the Fuhrer, the _________________ had the most power
    SS-elite knighthood (Gestapo-secret police)
  63. The only legal party under Hitler was
    Nazi Party
  64. The Hitler Youth Movement used techniques of control including
  65. Josef Goebbels
    head of propoganda
  66. The most famous Nazi movie
    Triumph of the Will
  67. Three problems for Nazis
    • * big business
    • * the arts
    • * christianity
  68. Spandau Ballet
    wouldn't perform what Hitler said and were all killed
  69. Christianity is inconsistent with Nazism because
    Christianity states that salvation is open all manking
  70. Rev. Dietrich Bonhoffer
    Lutheran minister killed in concentration camp
  71. Tsar Nicholas II was
    Tsar of Russia until 1917
  72. The February 1917 Revolution was lead by
    Alex Kerensky
  73. The February 1917 Revolution set up a
    provisional government
  74. The provisional government established in 1917 Russia failed because
    • * didn't end the war
    • * failed to control authority
  75. October 1917 Revolution was lead by
    VI Lenin and the Bolsheviks (communists)
  76. Lenin is the founder of
    Soviet Union and communist ideology
  77. Communist Ideology, created by Karl Marx states
    how the world really works (science of society) and what the future will be (prophecy)
  78. Marxist Leninism is
  79. The first of the four stages of manking according to communist ideology is
    feudal mode: lords and peasants
  80. The second stage of manking according to communism is
    Capitalism: Industrial society where there is a bourgesiosie (own property) and prolateriat (working class)
  81. According to communist ideology, pauperization is
    the rich getting richer
  82. According to communist theory, revolution occurs when
    the existence of the proletariat is threatened
  83. Following revolution according to communist theory, is
    dictatorship of proletariat and elimination of bourgesiosie
  84. Communism is the final stage of mankind's development and
    • * ends private property
    • * ends government
    • * results in new mankind
  85. Lenin's view of the communist party was
    to "speed up marx"
  86. Lenin viewed communist party as a
    vanguard party
  87. Lenin thought the communist party as a vanguard party would
    pull manking along into communism
  88. The operating principle of communism according to Lenin was
    democratic centralism
  89. Lenin supported the use of ______________ by the government
  90. Category guilt is
    the idea of a class enemy
  91. Lenin said there were three "false consciousness" (things that don't exist)
    • * religion
    • * nationality
    • * democracy
  92. Lenin said "if it advances us toward communism,
    violence is not only allowed, it is demanded"
  93. Felix Dzherzhinsky
    founder of KGB
  94. the KGB and Cheka are responsible for
    the killing in Soviet Union
  95. After Lenin dies,
    Stalin comes to power (1925)
  96. Two contenders for power after Lenin are
    Stalin and Trotsky
  97. __________________ believes communism should come to russia first
  98. ____________________ believes that communism should start a world wide revolution
  99. Stalin's policies include
    • * rapid industrialization
    • * sobordination of communist party (not a vanguard party like Lenin says)
  100. During collectivization (1929-1931)
    all farmland is transformed into 1 government owned factory farm
  101. The Kulaks are
    rich peasants to be killed
  102. Because Stalin believed in the subordination of the communist party
    Stalin is Number One
  103. During the Great Terror (1935-1937)
    brainwashing and show trials occurred (Darkness at Noon)
  104. Themes in Darkness at Noon
    • * psychiatric control and power (no sleep)
    • * communism as a new morality
    • * transition to new society is violent
    • * strong, ascetic people
  105. Stalinist institutions include
    • * secret police
    • * gulag- prison camp system (slave labor)
    • * totalitarian justice
  106. in his book Escape from Freedom, Erich Fromm states that people turn to Nazism and Communism for two reasons
    • * loneliness
    • * security over freedom
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