Chapt. 15.1 Thermal Styling

  1. Blow-Dry Styling
    The process of drying and styling damp hair in one operation
  2. Blow Dryer
    An electrical device designed for drying and styling in a single service
  3. Small Fan
    Heating Element
    Speed/Heat Controls
    Attachments: Diffuser, Nozzel/Concentrator, Nozzel with Comb
    Parts of a Blow Dryer
  4. Classic Styling Brush
    Half rounded rubber based brush with smooth, round ended nylon quills. Heat resistant, antistatic, ideal for smoothng an untangling all hair types.
  5. Paddle Brush
    Large flat base, well suited for mid to long length hair. Ball tipped nuylon pins and staggered pin patterns do not snag hair.
  6. Grooming Brush
    Generally oval with pure natural bristles or mixed natural and nylon. Bristles help distribut scalp oils, stimulate the circulation of blood to the scalp, add polish and shine to fine or normal hair, and are great for combing out up-dos.
  7. Vent Brush
    Ventilated design, use to speed up the blow-drying process, and are ideal for blow-drying fine hair and adding lift at the scalp.
  8. Teasing Brush
    Nylon styling brush that has a tail for sectioning, along with a narrow row of bristles.  Perfect for back-combing hair and them smoothing hair into a style.
  9. Round Brush
    Available in different diameters, hair should wrap twice around brush; smaller brushes add more curl while larger ones straighten the hair and bevel the ends of the hair.  Metal cylinder bases create stronger curl.
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Chapt. 15.1 Thermal Styling
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