Botany Test 2

  1. Plant Evolution
    • Began 500 million years ago
    • 450 moved to land
    • 300 seeds formed
  2. Charophytes
    Closest relative to the plants from the green algae family
  3. 5 Differences Between Plants and Algae
    • apical meristems
    • spores produced in multicellular sporangia
    • multicellular gametangia
    • produce a multicellular depenent embryo
    • allteration of generations
  4. Sporopollenin
    A thick coating on seeds that keep them safer, this is not present in charophytes
  5. Antheridia and Archegonia
    The gametangia that can be formed for the plants

    • Archegonia is female organ
    • Antheridia is the male organ
  6. Alternation of GenerationsĀ 
    Lifecycle where a multicellular sporophyte and a multicellular gametophyte take turns producing each other gametophyte always being haploid and the the sporophyte always being diploid
  7. 5 Evolutionary Changes
    • Cuticle Formation- protective coating to keep leaves from drying outĀ 
    • Protection of the Embryo by the mother plant or some other method
    • Vascular Tissue once you get into the seedless vascular plants
    • Seeds forming to help with fertilization and spreading the species
    • Flowers to attract pollinatorsĀ 
  8. Bryophytes
    Small, fake leaved plants with no vascular tissue that often grow in temperate or tropical forests and near wetlands and streams
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Botany Test 2
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