1. The attitude held by members of a class that does not accurately reflect their objective position in society
    False Consciousness
  2. The respect or admiration that an occupation holds in society is
  3. Which of the following describes a condition in which members of society have different amounts of wealth, prestige, and power?
    Social inequality
  4. What sociological perspective argues that multinational corporations can actually help the developing nations of the world
    functionalist prespective
  5. The monies that immigrants return to their families of origen are called
  6. Gross national product is:
    the value of a nations goods and services
  7. The maintenence of political, social, economic, and cultural power over a people by a foreign power for an extended period is called:
  8. The continued dependence of former colonies on foreign countries is called
  9. Race is a *Important*
    Social construct
  10. Process by which a minority group and a majority group blend to form a new group
  11. The process of members of a minority group adopting the majority group's dominant ideology
  12. A Marxist theory that views racial subordination in the US as manifestation of the class system inherent in capitalism
    Exploitation theory
  13. The denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups that results from teh normal operations of a society:
    Institutional discrimination
  14. The cumulative impact of oppresion because of race, gender, and class as well as religion, sexual orientation, disability, and age is called
    matrix of domination
  15. The double burden many women carry of work outside the home and housework and child care is known as:
    Second Shift
  16. Invisible barrier that blocks the promotion of a qualified person in a work enviorment
    Glass Ceiling
  17. Functionalist Theory states that gender roles are needed to maintain family stability. Which role tends to fall to women
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