Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration

  1. What are the two types of living things?
    • 1. Autotrophs
    •     -make their own energy
    • 2. Heterotrophs
    •     -must take in food for energy
  2. What is photosynthesis?
    • The process that energy from sunlight is converted into chemical energy.
    • Chemical equation: CO+ H2O + sunlight -> C6H12O6 + O2
    • Photosynthesis- creates glucose
  3. Define ATP and ADP.
    • ATP- adenosine triphosphate
    • ADP- adenosine diphosphate
  4. What is a chloroplast?
    The orgnalle where photosynthesis takes place
  5. What is a thylakoid?
    Organelle where the light reactions occur
  6. What is a granum?
    A stack of thylakoids
  7. What is stroma?
    Liquid solution in the chloroplast
  8. What are light reactions?
    • One of the main parts of photosynthesis.
    • Occurs in the thylakoids.
    • Uses light and H2O to:
    •          - Re-charge ADP and NADP+ into ATP and NADPH
    •          - Release O2
  9. What are the photosystems?
    • There are 2
    • Sit on the thylakoid membrane and absorb the sunlight
  10. What is the electron transport chain's (ETC) job?
    To pass high energy electrons from photosystem 1 (P1) and photosystem 2 (P2)
  11. What is the ATP synthase?
    Protein channel that Hpass through; converts ADP to ATP
  12. Where does the Calvin cycle take place?
    The stroma of the chlorplast
  13. What does the Calvin cycle do?
    Uses COto move glucose (the main product of photosynthesis)
  14. What is the main job of cellular respiration?
    To breakdown into usable cellular energy (ATP)
  15. Where does respiration occur?
    • The smooth outer membrane
    • Cristae= folded inner membrane
  16. What are the 3 stages of cellular respiration?
    • 1. Glycolysis- in the cytosol (area just outside the mitochondria)
    • 2. The Krebs Cycle- inside the mitochondria
    • 3. The Electron Transport Chain- inside the mitochondria
  17. Define aerobic and anaerobic.
    • Aerobic- oxygen is needed
    • Anaerobic- oxygen isn't needed
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