OLS 252 Chptr 5

  1. What is motivation?
    the willingness of a person to exert effert to satisfy needs and wants.
  2. What are Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs?
    Physical. Safet/Security. Social/Belonging. Ego/Self-esteem. Self-actualization.
  3. Lower-order needs are satisfied internally or externally?
    Externally satisfied needs.
  4. Higher order needs are satisfied internally or externally?
    Internally satisfied needs.
  5. Motivation-Hygiene Theory
    There are two different sets of job factors. One satisfies (motivator) and the other prevents dissatisfaction (hygiene factors).
  6. Motivation - Hygiene Theory

    What is the Motivation Scale?
    There is either satisfaction or no satisfaction.
  7. Motivation - Hygiene Theory

    What is the Hygien scale?
    There is either dissatisfaction or no dissatisfaction.
  8. What is the ERG Model?
    Model to explain motivation with Existence, Relatedness, and Growth.
  9. What are Theory X managers?
    Assumptions about workers capabilities are pessimistic.
  10. What are Theory Y managers?
    Assumptions about workers abilities are optimistic.
  11. What are the 3 needs McClelland's Needs Theory?
    The need for achievement, power, and affiliation.
  12. What is the need for Power?
    The desire to control others, to influence others' behavior according to your wishes.
  13. What is the need for Affiliation?
    The desire for close relationships with others.
  14. What is the Goal - Setting Theory?
    The theory that builds on the individual's need for a sense of achievement and growth.
  15. What are the main points of the Goal - Setting Theory?
    People with goals perform better. Goals must be understood and accepted in order to be motivators. Feedback is critical.
  16. What is the Expectancy Theory?
    The motivation results from deliberate choices to engage in activities to achieve worthwhile outcomes.
  17. What are the Three steps in the Expectancy Theory?
    • Step 1: Effort - to - Performance Expectancy
    • Step 2: Performance - to - Reward Expectancy
    • Step 3: Reward - to - Need Satisfaction
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