Russia, the 2000s

  1. What type of family was Putin born into
    soviet Naval family
  2. What did Putin study in college and what college did he attend
    He studied law and order at Leningrad UNiversity
  3. In what position was Putin's career in the Soviet party soluidified
    He joined the KGB (Comitee for State Security) and stayed until resigning prior to Gorbachev's dismissal
  4. Who influenced the politics of Putin
    former professor and radical democratic activist Anatoly Sobchak
  5. What political position did Anatoly Sobchak hold
    Mayor of St. Petersburg
  6. What political positions did Putin hold
    international advisor, government property manager, and chief of the secret police as the director of the Federal Security Service 
  7. How did Putin solidify his stance in being elected to presidency
    He served as Prime Minister under Yeltsin and held interm presidency until elections in 2000
  8. By what percent did Putin win election, who did he run against
    He won by 53% against Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov.
  9. Putin saught to improve russia under what means
    He wanted to consolidate power and mount pressure against the use of media to undermind the state
  10. Putin launched a campaign against which rivals to diminish their political threat
    • Vladimir Gusinsky
    • Mikhail Khodorkovsky
    • Boris Berezovsky
    • Alexander Litvinenko
  11. Which of Putin's political rivals died? How? What message did this send
    Alexander Litvinenko died of poisening which established the fear in the political rivals of Putin
  12. Putin gained support for his second presidency because of his position in the second Chechen war. What were two acts of terrorism in Russia
    • 2002: 700 hostages in a Moscow theater.
    • 2004: 300 hostages killed in a Besian School
  13. What example supported Putin's anti-terrorism reforms? Why did people fear his reforms
    The September 11th attacks on the United States. Fear was brought by the idea that he could use this new anti-terrorist legislataion against political opponents
  14. By what percent did Putin win his second term
  15. By what percents did GDP rise? By what percents did Unemployment and Inflation decline
    GDP grew in as range og 4.7% to 10%, Unemployment declined from 10.6% to 7.7% and Inflation decreased from 20.8% to 10.9%
  16. What journalist, known for critizing Putin and his policies, was assinated
    Anna Politkovskaya
  17. What does Putin want to do with the years of a presidents term
    Increase them from 4 to 6
  18. After Putin said he wouldn't seek reelection, he did what to maintain position in politics
    He ran as the lead of his political party (United Russia) to secure his position of Prime Minister
  19. What were Mendvedevs interests as a child? What did eventually study
    His interests were in science but he eventually studied law at Leningrad State University
  20. What positions did Mendvedev hold
    Putins 2000 campaign manager, Chairman of Gazprom, Chief of Staff, and Deputy Prime Minister
  21. What was Mendvedevs position on police
    He wanted to cut corruption in the police. And in 2008 increased police salaries by 30%
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