1. God knows what you need ?
    Even before you ask him
  2. No matter what you do your a slave ?
    So why not be a slave to God
  3. If God wills something its impossible for that ?
    not to happen
  4. All authority has been given to Christ in ?
    Heaven and on earth
  5. You would have no authority at all unless ?
    It was given to you from above
  6. Nothing escapes God's ?
  7. The eyes of God are in ?
    Every place
  8. Do not judge that ?
    You may not be judged
  9. God has not abandoned me to myself because ?
    I always do the thing pleasing to him
  10. Anything not done out of faith ?
    Is a sin
  11. Keep strick watch that how you walk ?
    Is not as unwise
  12. And yet that is what ?
    Some of you were
  13. That each one may get possion ?
    Of his own vessel
  14. You can't receive a single thing unless ?
    Its been given to you from above
  15. Nothing can happen out side of ?
    Divine providence
  16. Let it happen to you according ?
    To your faith
  17. If nothing was impossible what would you ?
    Like to have happen ?
  18. How would you feel ?
    If that happened ?
  19. See yourself doing ?
    What you want to do
  20. See yourself having ?
    What you want to have
  21. When you really want to do something ?
    You will figure it out
  22. All I can do is open channels ?
    That God can bless
  23. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and ?
    A body at rest tends to stay at rest
  24. I could only do it by myself and ?
    With God's help
  25. Focus on your circle of influence the things ?
    You have direct control of
  26. What things do you have direct control of ?
    How you think, how you feel, and what you do
  27. The questions you ask yourself determine ?
    What you focus on
  28. How you think about something determines ?
    How you feel
  29. The meaning you give something determines ?
    what you believe
  30. Theory verses ?
  31. You learn by ?
  32. What you don't want to do, or put off doing ?
    Is the best thing to do
  33. The flesh is of no use at all ?
    The spirit is life giving
  34. Whatever you do is ?
    A cause set in motion, out flow, in flow
  35. If you could make $5 for every person you talked to ?
    How many people could you talk to a day ?
  36. Awarness and ?
  37. Thank God for ?
    Everything you have and for everything your soon to have
  38. Fear or a demon wants to ?
    Keep you away from all the good that God wants you to have
  39. The only fear there is ?
    Is death
  40. Any action is the right action, so the key ?
    Is action
  41. When you take it you will ?
    Be at a different vantage point or perspective and know what your next move is
  42. The demands you place on yourself is hard at first, but ?
     As you persist it gets easier, and hard for others
  43. At any rate to what extent I have made progress, let me ?
    Continue to walk orderly in the same routine
  44. Include God in ?
    Everything thing you do
  45. Everything is ?
  46. Whats good ?
    About this ?
  47. Tell no ?
  48. You could only do ?
    One thing at a time, scs
  49. Everything you do ?
    Becomes the past
  50. The only seccess worth having is ?
    Success in prayer
  51. What you persue ?
    You get
  52. Where you spend your time reveals ?
    What your persuing
  53. The highest form of self glorification is ?
    The glorification of God
  54. Everything belongs to ?
  55. Like what you ?
    Don't like
  56. Increase your activity level with ?
    A list to do
  57. Put a smile on your face, and say I love to do _____ ?
    And then do it
  58. What is the most productive thing possible ?
    I can do at this given moment
  59. We live in two worlds at the same time ?
    The outer and the inner world
  60. If you could fail sufficiently you would be accustomed to ?
    Failing, and you would win
  61. You can create tomorrows reality by ?
    What you think and believe
  62. Activity goals and ?
    Production goals
  63. Whatever you do ?
    You get more of it
  64. Whatever you don't do ?
    You loose it
  65. You must have a purpose then ?
    Your living
  66. Like, love, and enjoy ?
    Everything you do
  67. Pay yourself for ?
    What you do
  68. When you through yourself into a situation ?
    Everything you need will be given to you in that moment
  69. God and Christ are in the ?
    Eternal now
  70. If you don't do something, your ?
    Free from everything connected with it
  71. If you do something your ?
    susceptible to everything connected with it
  72. As long as I have holy spirit ?
    I don't care what happens to me
  73. Something good is going to ?
    Come from this
  74. How do I know that ?
    This is going to happen
  75. To attain a goal have a ?
    Careless attitude about results
  76. Focus your time, and effort in areas you have ?
    Direct control of, your thoughts, emotions, and actions
  77. Think about what you ?
    Want to be, do and have
  78. do it in your ?
    Imagination first
  79. Identity, thoughts ?
    Feelings, actions
  80. You persue the things that cause you pleasure, and ?
    Avoid the things that cause you pain
  81. Your behaviour is a product of either ?
    Decisions based on values, or conditions based on feelings
  82. The five steps of learning are ?
    Impact, repetition, utilization, internalization, and reinforcement
  83. Fear of death is what makes ?
    Your life what it is
  84. Don't wait for the spirit to move ?
    You move the spirit
  85. This too shall ?
  86. Whatever you say I to ?
    You either strengthen or create a identity
  87. Wow ! just think, something could happen ?
    To where ____
  88. This is what ?
    I wanted
  89. Your either concerned about ?
    Getting, a stagnant pond inflow, or giving, a rushing river outflow
  90. With God's help ?
    I can do anything
  91. When your seperated from your true self and God you ?
    Use things in the outer world to feel alive
  92. When you use things in the outer world ?
    You become a slave to those things
  93. Thank and praise God for ?
    Everything that happens to you
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