Chapter 7

  1. Hue, brightness, and saturation correspond with what in the auditory realm?
    Pitch, loudness and timbre
  2. A perceptual dimesion of sound; corresponds to the fundamental frequency.
  3. A perceptual dimension of sound; corresponds to intensity.
  4. A perceptual dimension of sound; correspond to complexity
  5. The snail-shaped structure of the inner ear that contains the auditory transduction mechanisms.
  6. The receptive cell of the auditory apparatus.
    Hair cells
  7. The system by which information about different frequencies is coded by different locations on the basilar membrane.
    Place code
  8. An electronic device surgically implanted in the inner ear that can enable a deaf person to hear.
    Cochlear implant
  9. The system by which information about different frequencies is coded by the rate of firing of neurons in the auditory system.
    Rate coding
  10. The branch of the auditory nerve that transmits auditory information from the cochlea to the brain.
    Cochlear nerve
  11. What are the two components of the vestibular system?
    Vestibular sac and semicircular canal
  12. One of a set of two receptor organs in each inner ear that detects changes in the tilt of the head.
    Vestibular sac
  13. One of the three ringlike structures of the vestibular apparatus that detects changes in head rotation.
    Semicircular canal
  14. The functions of this include balance, maintenance of the head in the upright position, and adjustment of eye movement to compensate for head movements.
    Vestibular system
  15. Perception of the body's own movements. Arises from receptors in joints, tendons, and muscles.
  16. Free nerve endings respond to...
    Painful stimuli and changes in temperature
  17. Where can free nerve endings be found?
    Just below the skin, around the base of the hair follicles and around the emergence of hair shafts from the skin.
  18. What are the five qualities of taste?
    Sweetness, bitterness, saltiness, sourness, umami
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