SCT 3 Chapter 2

  1. Infrastructural policy and systems
    human resource systems; Quality systems; measurement and reward systems
  2. Wickham Skinner
    Different companies/business units have different strengths and weaknesses and so may choose to compete in different ways, requiring them to adopt different "yardsticks of success."
  3. Focus
    The mistake of attempting to service the needs of 2 or more very dissimilar businesses out of the same operations organization
  4. Operations strategy is
    A set of goals, policies, And self–imposed restrictions that together describe how the organization proposes to direct and develop all the resources invested in operations so as to best of fulfill and possibly redefine its mission. Begins by specifying how it proposes to support that chosen form of competitive differentiation. Enables companies to become a powerful source of competitive advantag
  5. Fit
    The task foreign operations organization is to seek congruence between its business units chosen approach to competition and the way the operations function is designed, organized, and managed.
  6. Systems based operating capabilities
    short lead times, A broad range of products or services, the ability to customize on-demand, and fast new product development. An example is Allegheny Ludlum steel Corporation became one of the most profitable US producers of specialty steel as a result of a long effort to improve the way it coordinated the complex steps involved in making small batches of customized steel.
  7. Process-based capabilities
    associated with activities that transform material or information and tend to provide advantages along such standard competitive dimensions as low-cost and/or high, conformance quality. An example is the manufacturing process developed by IBM and Toshiba for their joint ventures large liquid–Crystal computer displays.
  8. Organization based operating capabilities
    ability to master new technologies, design and introduce new products, and bring new plants online Significantly faster than one's competitors. The book uses Lincoln electric Company as an example
  9. A company that has good focus:

    there may be more than one answer

    - a large amount of equipment
    - is synonymous to a machine shop that is also know as a job shop
    - is synononymous to an assembly line
    - high dependibility and low-cost 
    - high flexibility 
    is synononymous to an assembly line

    high dependibility and low-cost 
  10. Capacity
    amount of given floor space and equipment required to produce a product
  11. Process technology
    Specifies how this equipment is to be located, connected together, and coordinated
  12. Facilities
    how the total operating capacity is to be broken up into individual operating units. This includes examples such as placing your building near major customers and low-cost labor.
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