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  1. What are the tasks of Fires?
    • Deliver Fires
    • Integrate Fires
    • Conduct Targeting
  2. What are the Fires core competencies?
    • ADA (Aerial Attack, Missile Attack, Surveillance)
    • FA (destroy, defeat and disrupt the enemy with integrated fires)
  3. What are the Field Artillery core competencies?
    • Field Artillery
    • Fire Support
  4. What are the Principles of Fires?
    • Precise
    • Scalable
    • Synchronized
    • Responsive
    • Networked
  5. What are the Characteristics of Fires?
    • All Weather
    • Precision/Near-Precision Fires (10m/50m accuracy)
    • Mass Area Fires
    • Air & Space Integration
    • Inherently Joint
  6. How does intelligence support Fires?
    • Target development
    • Target detection
  7. Counterfire and Air and Missile Defense support which WFF?
  8. Commanders consideration for FA employment?
    • Adequate fire support for committed units.
    • Weight the main effort.
    • Immediate responsive fires.
    • Facilitate future operations.
    • Maximize feasible centralized control.
  9. What levels of command have Fires Cells?
    Division & Brigade
  10. What elements can augment a Fires Cell?
    • Naval Surface Fire Support Liaison Officer
    • Marine Corps Liaison Officer
    • Army Space Support Teams
  11. Who recommneds the command or support relationship for FA units?
    Force FA Commander
  12. What are the two Fires Planning products?
    • Area Air Defense Plan
    • Fire Support Plan
  13. What guides Fires planning?
    • Commander's Intent
    • Commander's Guidance for Fires
  14. What is CARVER?
    • Criticality
    • Accessibility
    • Recuperability
    • Vulnerability
    • Effect
    • Recognizability
  15. What is F2T2EA?
    Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, Assess. It is used for joint dynamic targeting.
  16. What is F3EAD?
    Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, Dissemintate. It is HVI-centric.
  17. Two items from the Commander's Guidance for Fires?
    • No Strike List (NSL): Protected by Internation Law or ROE.
    • Restricted Target List (RTL): Coordinate strikes with JFLCC.
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