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  1. what are the kissing muscles?
    orbiculus oris
  2. where would you expect to find numerous gaps in muscular tissue?
    intercalated discs of the cardiac muscle
  3. athletes who train at high altitude increases blood cell count and this increases their_______ during exercise, increased oxygen supply.
    longer aerobic respiration
  4. which of the following would be caused by contraction of smooth muscle.
    goose bumps
  5. which ions have the greatest influence on RMP?
  6. temporal summation
    when other stimulus occurs before end of refractory period
  7. incomplete tetanus
    • a state of sustained flutters & contraction
    • 20-40 stimuli
  8. treepe
    • 10-20 stimuli
    • successive increases in the exectory contractions following rapid, repeated stimuate
  9. formation of calsitrestin is to _________ fibre is stimulated agar in relaxation process.
    binds to Ca ions while in storage
  10. main function of Ca+ ions
    activates the muscle contrcation for each citation
  11. skeletal muscles --- first signal to contract via 
    nerve cells
  12. neuromuscular junction is the ____ 
    synpse between neuron and skeletal muscles
  13. channel in trigger zone of neuroplsm membrane
    voltage regulated
  14. ACh is located in 
    synaptic vesicles in the synaptic knob
  15. thick myofilament contins myosin molecule and thin myofilaments contains _______, troponin, & tropomyosin.
    fibrous actin
  16. contraction proteins: myosin & actin
    Regulatory proteins: _________
    tromyosin & troponin
  17. sarcalemma : 
    plasma membrane of the the muscle fiber
  18. relaxed skeletal muscle fibers are blocked by
  19. light and dark bands are called
  20. opening sodium gates 
  21. length of muscle stays the same
    isometric contraction
  22. muscles will not relax
    rigor mortis
  23. relase of ACh at a neuromuscular junction
    increase permeability of sarcolemma to Na+
  24. During the absolute refractory period
    no stimulus of any strength will trigger a new action potential
  25. opening a Na+ gate leads to 
  26. action potential 
    is a dramatic change in teh plasma membrne voltage produced by a voltage-regulated ion gate. a rapid up and down shift in the membrane voltage
  27. an inhibitory local potential
    hyperpolarizes the plasma membrane
  28. which of the following will cause the plasma membrane to hyperpolarize when at its RMP
    inflow of chloride
  29. while the membrane is depolarizing
    sodium gates are fully open
  30. during hyperpolarization
    potassium ions are leaving the cell
  31. tendeinous intersection divide the ______ into segments externally visible on the abdomen of a well muscled individual
    rectus abdominus
  32. what term best describes the relationship between the prenator quadratus and supinator
  33. abduction is the movement of a body part
    away from the midline of the body
  34. dystophin, the protein that is defective in muscular dystrophy, is normally found
    between the outermost myofilaments and sarcolema of a muscle hair
  35. what is the purpose of the triad
    allows for Ca+2 release when  muscle fiber is excited
  36. the term for shortening of a muscle while contract tension
    isotonic contraction
  37. if one nerve stimulus arrives at a muscle fibreso, teh fiber has only partially relaxed from the most likely result will be
    incomplete tetanus
  38. to stimulate muscle contractions, ACh is released from teh ______ into the synaptic cleft
    synaptic knob
  39. the absence or inhibition of ACherase at synapse would lead to which of the following
  40. Michael Jordan, was teh best plyer in NBA, scientifically we would expect him to have highly developed
    white fibers
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