Immunization and Hypersensitivity

  1. What does immunization induce?
    Induces artificially acquired immunity
  2. Natural or artificial immunity can be divided into...
    Passive immunity and Active Immunity
  3. Natural Immunity - Active

    A. immunity gained from exposure to infectious agent.
  4. Artificial Immunity - Active

    C. Immunity gained from vaccination
  5. Natural Immunity - Passive

    A. Immunity gained from Mother or breast feeding.
  6. Artificial Immunity - Passive

    C. Immunity gained from Ab contained in serum of other people or animals.
  7. Attenuated vaccines

    D. It is a weakened form of pathogen not capable of causing disease.
  8. When Attenuated vaccine is injected into an individual.

    D. Results in long lasting immunity and causes infections with undectable or mild symptoms.
  9. Herd immunity results when...

    D. Vaccine infection is good
  10. How does a single dose of attenuated vaccine even induce immunity?
    The attenuated vaccine contains microbes capable of replicating. This induces the continous stimulation of the immune system.
  11. Disadvantages of Live Attenuated Vaccine

    E. all the above
  12. Inactivated vaccines 
    a. Able to replicate 
    b. Unable to replicate
    b. Unable to replicate
  13. Inactivated vaccines

    C. RETAINS IMMUNOGENICITY( capable of provoking immune response) But it is NOT infective.
  14. Booster shots are required with which vaccines?
    a. Attenuated
    b. Inactivated
    b. Inactivated

    The pathogen doesn't replicate. 
  15. What's the difference between whole agents and fragments? (inactivated vaccines)
    • Whole agents contain killed organisms and does not change epitotes.
    • Fragments are portions of organisms or agents that induces immune response. 
  16. A child recieves a vaccination for whooping cough. He becomes immune from whooping cough. When he grows up, he is infected by whooping cough. He has a subclinical infection now. 
    What type of vaccine did the boy recieve (Attenuated or Inactivated?) 

    What do you recommend now to treat the adult?
    • Inactivated Vaccine
    • Booster shots
  17. Difference between Attenuated Vaccines and Inactivated Vaccines.
    • Attenuated Vaccines contain live pathogen.
    • Inactivated Vaccines contain DEAD pathogen.
  18. Why do you think it's "better" to be infected by toxoids first rather then by toxins?
    Toxoids do not make you sick since scientists have modified the toxins to become toxoids. The toxoid is immunogenic. 

    Toxins can make you feel sick and sad. 
  19. Type I Hypersensitivites
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