Clinical Social Work II

  1. What is a Holding Environment and why is it important?
    An environment that contains client's distress in order for individual to feel calm and safe.
  2. What is transference?
    When a cilent plays out what is going on in their primary relationships onto the therapeutic relationship.

    "You sound like my mother."
  3. What is countertransference?
    When something a client brings in triggers the therapist.
  4. What is client induced countertransference?
    When the client reacts to therapist like they do to others, which that makes therapist react
  5. What is therapist induced countertransference?
    When a client is acting like someone in your life and you react to it from something in your life.
  6. How do work towards a corrective emotional experience?
    Working collaboratively with clients, the therapist helps the client identify maladaptive relational patterns and works together to alter the patter. This disconfirms the fault schema or unwanted interpersonal scenario in their real life relationships or therapeutic interaction.
  7. What is a maladaptive relational pattern?
    Themes that commonly occur within a client's life. (repetition compulsion)
  8. What is a characterological affect?
    Recurrent feelings that come up in a client's life.
  9. What are the 2 core beliefs seen with characterological affects?
    1. I am unlovable

    2. I am incompetent
  10. What is shame?
    Feeling of unworth -- "I feel bad about me; I'm not worthy"
  11. What is guilt?
    Feeling bad about behavior -- "I feel bad about something I did, but I'm stilla  good person."
  12.  What is resistance?
    When clients work against the very change they are trying to attain
  13. What is resistance usually driven by?
  14. How should we respond to a client's resistance in entering treatment?
    In a non threatening/ non judgemental way normalize ambivalence and allow client to suspend disbelief.

    Don't avoid resistance.
  15. What is the goal of a process comment?
    to make a perceptual shift away from the over content of what is discussed and begin to track the releational process. Helps client become more aware/willing to verbalize feelings.
  16. What should a process comment look like?
    Present focused, very direct and non judgemental.
  17. What are affective constellations?
    Feelings expressed on the surface that family of origin allowed.
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