Medical Terminology: Chapter 6

  1. nephron
    urine-producing microscopic structure
  2. Glomerulus (pl. glomeruli)
    cluster of capillaries at enterance of nephron
  3. renal pelvis
    funnel-shaped reservoir that collects urine and passes it to the urters
  4. hilum
    medial side of kidney where ureter leaves kidney
  5. Ureters
    Two slender tubes, carry it to the posterior portion of the bladder
  6. urinary bladder
    muscular, hollow organ, temprarily holds the urine
  7. urethra
    lowest part of the urinary tract, urine passes from the urinary bladder through the urethra to the outside of the body
  8. Urinary meatus
    the opening through which urine passes to the outside
  9. cyst/o, vesic/o
    urinary bladder, sac
  10. glomerul/o
  11. meat/o
    meatus (opening_
  12. rephr/o, ren/o
  13. pyel/o
    renal pelvis
  14. ureter/o
  15. urethr/o
  16. albumin/o
  17. azot/o
    urea, nitrogen
  18. blast/o
    developing cell, germ cell
  19. glycos/o, glyc/o
  20. hydr/o
  21. lith/o
    stone, calculus
  22. noct/i
  23. olig/o
    scant, few
  24. son/o
  25. tom/o
    cut, section
  26. urin/o, ur/o
    urine, urinary tract
  27. -gram
    record, radiographic image
  28. -iasis, -esis
  29. -lysis
    loosening, dissolution, sepatating
  30. -megaly
  31. -ptosis
    drooping, sagging, prolapse
  32. -rrhaphy
    suturing, rapairing
  33. -tripsy
    surgical crushing
  34. -trophy
    nourishment, development
  35. -uria
    urine, urination
  36. -rrhea
    flow, discharge
  37. -rrhagia
    rapid flow of blood
  38. -rrhaphy
    suturing, repairing
  39. -tome
    instrument used to cut
  40. -tomy
    cut into or incision
  41. tom/o
    cut, section
  42. epispadias
    urinary meatus is located on upper surface of penis
  43. hypospadias
    urinary meatus is located on underside of penis
  44. polycystic kidney disease
    kidney contains many cysts and is enlarged
  45. renal calculus
    sone in kidney
  46. renal failure
    loss of kidney function, unable to remove waste products from the body
  47. renal hypertension
    elevated blood pressure resuls from kidney disease
  48. sepsis (septicemia)
    condition in which pathogenic microorganisms (usuallly bacteria)enter bloodstream
  49. urinary retention
    abnomal accumulation of urine in bladder due to inability to urinate
  50. urinary suppression
    sudden stoppage of urine formation
  51. urinary tract infection (UTI)
    infaction of one or more organs of urinary tract
  52. Estracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)
    noninvasive treatment to remove stone in kidney or ureter
  53. fulguration
    destruction of living tissue using elctric spark, 
  54. renal transplant (kidney transplant)
    surgical implantation of donor kidney to replace nonfunctioning kidney
  55. catheter (cath)
    flexible tube-like device to withdraw or instill fluids
  56. distended
    stretched out
  57. diuretic
    agent that increases the formation and excretion of urine
  58. enuresis
    involuntary urination
  59. hemodialysis
    procedure to remove impurities form the blood due to kidney failure
  60. Incontinence
    inability to control bladder or bowels
  61. micturate
    to urinate or void
  62. stricture
    abnormal narrowing
  63. urnial
    receptacle for urine
  64. peritoneal dialysis
    procedure using the peritoneal cavity for fluid used in dialysis
  65. urinary catherization
    passage of catheter into urinary bladder
  66. urodynamics
    pertaining to the force and flow of urine within the urinary tract
  67. void
    to empty or evacuate waste material, especially urine
  68. ARF
    acute renal failure
  69. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen
  70. cath
    catheter, catheterize
  71. CRF
    chronic renal failure
  72. ESRD
    end stage renal disease
  73. ESWL
    extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
  74. HD
  75. IVP
    intravenous pyelogram
  76. IVU
    intravenous urogram
  77. OAB
    overactive bladder
  78. SG
    specific gravity
  79. UA
  80. UTI
    urinary tract infection
  81. VCUG
    voiding cystourethrogram
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