Chapter 5 Social Studies

  1. What did the English hope to find in the Americas?
    Gold and/or natural resources
  2. Which colony was the first attempt by England to settle America?
  3. Who was the English captain that captured gold from Spanish ships?
    Francis Drake
  4. What type of government did Virginia have?
  5. Who was the leader that helped build Jamestown?
    John Smith
  6. What French explorer founded the Quebec and Montreal colonies?
    Samuel de Champlain
  7. Why did the colony of Quebec prove to be in a good location?
    Beavers lived in the surrounding forest and the fur could be sold for huge profit.
  8. Which Dutch explorer has a river named after him?
    Henry Hudson
  9. Why did Pilgrims leave England?
    To practice their religious beliefs
  10. How did the Pilgrims cross the Atlantic Ocean?
    Crowded onto a small ship called the Mayflower
  11. Describe the conditions for the Pilgrims when they arrived in America.
    They were weak from the voyage and faced freezing weather, hunger, and disease. 
  12. Who was Squanto?
    An Indian who translated a peace treaty for the Pilgrims with the Wampanoag tribe.
  13. Where did the Puritans settle? 
    New England in 1628 after learning lessons from the Pilgrims
  14. What were conditions like for farmers in the southern colonies?
    Warm climate with a long growing season
  15. How were the New England colonies different from one another?
    Each colony had their own religious beliefs
  16. Who was Anne Hutchinson?
    A dissenter who angered Puritan leaders.  She was forced to leave Massachusetts because of her beliefs.
  17. How were the middle and southern colonies established?
    King Charles II gave away large plots of land to different men
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