Medical Terminology: Chapter 8

  1. Ovaries
    pair of almond-shaped organs located int eh pelvic cavity
  2. Uterus
    pear-sized and pear-shaped muscular organ
  3. Three layers of the Uterus
    Endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium
  4. Endometrium
    innter lining of the uterus
  5. Myometrium
    muscular middle layer of uterus
  6. Perimetrium
    thin outer layer of uterus
  7. corus, or body
    large central portion of uterus
  8. fundus
    rounded upper portion of the uterus
  9. cervix (neck)
    narrow lower portion of uterus
  10. vagina
    3-inch tube that connects the uterus to the outside of the body
  11. hymen 
    fold of membrane found near the opening of the vagina
  12. rectouterine pouch 
    pouch between the posterior wall of the uterus and the anterior wall of the rectum
  13. Bartholin Glands
    pair of mucus-producing glands
  14. mammary glands, or breasts
    pair of milk-producing glands of the female
  15. vulva, or external genitals
    two pairs of lips
  16. clitoris
    highly erogenous erectile body located anterior to the urethra
  17. perineum
    pelvic floor in both the male and femal
  18. arche/o
    first, beginning
  19. cervic/o
  20. colp/o, vagin/o
  21. culd/o
  22. episi/o, vulv/o
  23. gyn/o, gynec/o
  24. hymen/o
  25. hyster/o, metr/o, metr/i
  26. mamm/o, mast/o
  27. men/o
  28. oophor/o
  29. perine/o
  30. salping/o
    uterine (fallopian) tubes
  31. peri-
    surrounding, outer
  32. -atresia
    absence of normal body opening, occlusion, closure
  33. -salpinx
    uterine (fallopian) tube
  34. adenomyosis
    growth of endometrium into muscular portion of uterus
  35. endometriosis
    abnormal condition, endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus
  36. fibrocystic breast disease
    benign cyst(s) in breast
  37. fibroid tumor
    tumor of uterine muscle
  38. pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
    inflammation of pelivic organs, untreated can lead to infertility or fatal septicemia
  39. prolapsed uterus
    downward displacement into vagina
  40. toxic shock syndrome (TSS)
    severe illness characterized by, high fever, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, myalgias. followed by hypotension, possibly shock and death
  41. Vesicovaginal fistula
    abnormal opening between bladder and vagina
  42. anterior and posterior colporrhaphy (A & P repair)
    surgical repair to correct a cystocele and rectocele
  43. conization (cone biopsy)
    surgical removal of cone-shaped area of cervix
  44. dilation and curettage (D & C)
    widening of the cervix (dilation), scraping of endometrium with curette
  45. myomectomy
    excision of a fibroid tumor (myoma) from the uterus
  46. endometrial ablation
    use of laser or thermal energy to destroy or remove endometrium, used to treat abnormal uterine bleeding
  47. tubal ligation
    closure of uterine (fallopian) tubes for sterillization
  48. uterine artery emolization (UAE)
    arteriogram used to identify the vessels, tiny gelatin beads inserted into vessels to block blood supply
  49. sentinel lymph node biopsy
    blue dye or radioactive isotope injected to identify the sentinel lymph node(s)
  50. stereotactic breast biopsy
    combines mammography and computer-assisted biopsy to obtain tissue form breast lesion
  51. Directed breast biopsy
    utilizes mamography, sonography, or MRI radiographic images to guide a biopsy needle
  52. surgical breast biopsy
    involves making an incision to remove a palpable breast lesion
  53. Wire localization biopsy
    uses a radiographic guidance to place a thin, flexible wire directly into a breast lesion and surgically remove the lesion with the wire intact.
  54. Cryosurgery (cold knife conization)
    utilizes a special instrument called a cryoprobe. Made freezing cold by using nitrogen gas
  55. LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure)
    standard treastment for abnormal cervical cells
  56. dyspareunia
    difficult or painful intercourse
  57. fistula
    abnormal passageway between two organs or between an organ and body surface
  58. hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
    replacement of hormones to treat symptoms associated with menopause
  59. menopause
    cessation of menstruation
  60. premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
    physical and emotional symptoms up to 10 days before menstruation
  61. speculum
    instrument to open body cavity for visual inspection
  62. A & P repair
    anterior and posterior colporrhaphy
  63. Cx
  64. D & C
    dilation and curettage
  65. FBD
    fibrocystic breast disease
  66. GYN
  67. HRT
    hormone replacement therapy
  68. PID
    pelvic inflammatory disease
  69. PMS
    premenstrual syndrome
  70. SHG
  71. TAH/BSO
    total abdominal hysterectomy/ bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
  72. TSS 
    Toxic shock syndrome
  73. TVH
    total vaginal hysterectomy
  74. TVS
    transvaginal sonography
  75. UAE
    uterine artery embolization
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