Medical Terminology: Chapter 9

  1. Obstetrics
    branch of medicine that deals with childbirth, the care of the mother before and after birth
  2. Neonatology
    branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the newborn
  3. gamete
    mature germ cell
  4. Ovulation
    expulsion of a mature ovum
  5. conception or fertilization
    beginning of pregnancy
  6. Zygote
    cell formed from the union of the sperm and ovum
  7. embryo
    unborn offspring, from implantation of the zygote to end of the 8th week
  8. fetus
    unborn offspring, from beginning of the 9th week of pregnancy until birth
  9. gestation, pregnancy
    development of a new individual from conception to birth
  10. gestation period
    duration of pregnancy
  11. implantation
    embedding of the zygote in the uterine lining about 7 days after fertilization
  12. placenta, or afterbirth
    grows on the wall of the uterus during pregnancy, allows for nourishment of the unborn child
  13. amniotic sac
    mombranous bag that surrounds the fetus vefore delivery
  14. amni/o, amnion/o
    amnion, amniotic fluid
  15. chori/o
  16. embry/o
  17. fet/o, fet/i
  18. gravid/o
  19. lact/o
  20. nat/o
  21. omphal/o
    umbilicus, navel
  22. par/o, part/o
    bear, give birth to labor, childbirth
  23. ppuerper/o
  24. cephal/o
  25. esophag/o
  26. pelvi. pelv/o
    pelvis, pelvic bone
  27. prim/i
  28. pseud/o
  29. pylor/o
    pylorus, pyloric sphincter
  30. terat/o
  31. ante-, pre-
  32. micro-
  33. multi-
  34. nulli-
  35. post-
  36. -amnios
    amnion, amniotic fluid
  37. -cyesis
  38. -partum
    childbirth, labor
  39. -rrhexis
  40. -tocia
    birth, labor
  41. -e
    noun suffix, no meaning
  42. -is
    noun suffix, no meaning
  43. -um
    noun suffix, no meaning
  44. -us
    noun suffix, no meaning
  45. nat/o
  46. -tocia
    bith, labor
  47. puerper/o
  48. -partum
    childbirth, labor
  49. par/o, part/o
    bear, give birth to, labor, childbirth
  50. -rrhea
    flow, discharge
  51. -rrhagia
    rapid flow of blood
  52. -rrhaphy
    suturing, repairing
  53. -rrhexis
  54. spontaneous abortion
    just happens (miscarriage)
  55. Induced abortion
  56. therapeutic abortion
    induced due to risk to mother or fetal disease
  57. Elective abortion
    induced due to risk to mother or fetal diseae
  58. Elective abortion
    induced at request of mother
  59. abruptio placentae
    premature separation of placenta from uterine wall
  60. placenta previa
    abnormally low implantation of placenta on uterine wall, completely or partially covers cervix, dilation can cause separation from wall with bleeding
  61. ectopic pregnancy
    pregnancy occurring outside uterus
  62. preeclampsia
    abnormal condition during pregnancy or immediately after delivery, symptoms of high blood pressure, edema and proteinuria
  63. eclampsia
    severe complication and progession of preeclampsia, characterized by convulsions and coma
  64. Cleft lip and palate
    congenital split of lip and roof of mouth
  65. Down Syndrome
    congenital condition, varying degrees of mental retardation and defects
  66. erythroblastosis fetalis
    hemolysis of erythrocytes in newborn, usually caused by incompatibility of infants and mother blood
  67. esophageal atresia
    congenital absence of part of esophagus
  68. fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)
    various birth defects,caused by excessive alchol consumption by mother during pregnancy
  69. gastroschisis
    congenital fissure of abdominal wall not at umbilicus
  70. respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)
    immaturity of respiratory system
  71. spina bifida
    congenital defect in vertebral column, caused by failure of vertebral arch to close
  72. breech presentation
    birth position with butt, feet or knees first
  73. cephalic presentation
    birth position with head first
  74. cesarean section (C/S, C- section)
    delivery through incision in mothers abdomen and uterus
  75. Colostrum
    thin, milky fluid secreted by breasts, during pregnancy and first few days after birth before lactation begins
  76. congenital anomaly
    abnormality present at birth
  77. in vitro fetilization (IVF)
    fertilizing humnan ova outside body, placing zygote into uterus
  78. lactation
    secretion of milk
  79. lochia
    vaginal discharge after childbirth
  80. meconium
    first stool of newborn
  81. midwife
    one who practices midwifery
  82. midwifery
    the practice of assisting in childbirth
  83. obstetrician
    physician who speciailizes in obstetrics
  84. obstetrics (OB)
    medical sprecialty dealing with pregnancy, childbirth and peurperium
  85. parturition
    act of giving birth
  86. premature
    infant born before 37 weeks of gestation
  87. puerperium
    period form delivery until reproductive organs return to normal
  88. quickening
    fist feeling of movement of fetus in utero
  89. stillborn
    infant born dead
  90. Mother before birth
  91. Before birth newborn
  92. after birth mother
  93. After birth newborn
  94. CS, C-section
    casarean section
  95. DOB
    date of birth
  96. EDD
    expected date of delivery
  97. FAS
    fetal alcohol syndrome
  98. IVG
    in vitro fertilization
  99. LMP
    last menstrual period
  100. multip
  101. NB
  102. OB
  103. primip
  104. RDS
    respiratory disress syndrome
  105. VBAC
    vaginal birth after C-section
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