exam 3

  1. an inhibitory local potential
    hyperpolarizes the plasma membrane.
  2. Which of the following will cause the plasma membrane to hyperpolarize when its at RMP? 
    inflow of chloride
  3. while the membrane is depolarizing its
    sodium gates are fully open
  4. during hyperpolarization
    potassium ions are leaving the cell
  5. tendeinous intersection divides the _____ into segments, externally visible on the abdomen of well-musculed person
    rectus abdominous
  6. what term best describes the relationship between the prenator quadratus and supinator
  7. abduction is the movement of the body part
    away from the midline of the body
  8. Dystrophin, the protein that is defected in muscular dystrophy, is normally found
    between the outermost myofilaments and the sarcolemnae of the muscle filament
  9. Release of Ach @ neuromuscular junction ---
    increases permeability of the sarcolemma to sodium
  10. What is the purpose of the triad? 
    Allows forcalcium release when muscle fiber is excited
  11. Term for shortening muscle with maintaining
    constant tension…. 
    Isotonic contraction
  12. If one nerve stimulus arrives at muscle fiber has only one partially relaxed from previous twitch, most likely result will be
    incomplete tetanus
  13. Stimulate muscle contraction Ach released from ________ into synaptic cleft.
    synaptic knob
  14. Absence or inhibition of AChE at a synapse would
    lead to ….
  15. Michael Jordan, Best NBA player has highly
    developed --- 
    white fibers.
  16. Where would you find numerous gap junctions in
    muscular tissue? 
    Intercalated discs of cardiac muscle
  17. High altitude athletes increase red blood cells
    count and thus increase oxygen supply during exercise increased oxygen supply
    results in …
     longer aerobic respiration
  18. Contraction of smooth muscle … 
    goose bumps
  19. Sarcolema
    cell membrane
  20. alternating light and dark 
  21. thick myofilments are made of 
  22. contractile proteins
    myosin and actin
  23. when voltage pm is +35 to 0
  24. structures meet at neuromuscular junction
    synaptic knob
  25. opening of the sodium gate leads to
  26. skeltal muscle contract due to 1st message from
    nerve cell
  27. main function of Ca ion in skeletal muscles
    contract muscles
  28. relaxed muscle fiber is blocked by 
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