Driver's Ed Questions

  1. What happens if you buy or consume alcohol while under age?
    • $500 fine
    • Lose their license for 6 months
  2. How do you give consent for the Implied Consent Law?
    You give consent just by being on the road
  3. If an individual is at least 13 years old but under 18 she can driving privileges suspended or postponed for what?
    Graffiti conviction
  4. When the person is in a probationary period for 1 year
    Driver Improvement Program
  5. What does a motorist begin after receiving a special learner or examination permit?
    a two-year probationary driver period
  6. When would you have to enroll in the Probationary Driver Program during the probationary period?
    • When a motorist is convicted of 2 or more moving violations¬†
    • Totals into having 4 or more points
  7. How much does it cost for 6 points?
  8. How much does it cost for each additional point?
  9. What doesn't New Jersey allow?
    Conditional or special work licenses
  10. What happens when you drive while with a license or registration is suspended and you have a collision that causes injury to another person?
    • A fine
    • Continued Suspension
    • 45 days in jail
  11. Examples of motor vehicle Surcharges and Point Violations?
    • Unlicensed Driver
    • No Insurance
    • Driving while suspended
    • No liability insurance on motorvehicle
    • DUI/Refusal
    • DUI/Refusal (third and subsequent convictions)
  12. Operating a motor vehicle on public or private property to avoid a traffic control signal or sign is worth how many points?
    2 points
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