Gen Chem Atomic Structure

  1. Name the three subatomic particles of an atom and identify thier charge.
    • Protons are positive
    • Neutrons are neutral
    • Electrons are negative
  2. Name the three subatomic particles of an atom and state thier mass.
    • Proton mass is 1 amu
    • Neutron mass is 1 amu
    • Electrons have no mass
  3. What is the charge of the nucleus of an atom?
  4. Atoms, as listed on the periodic table, have what charge?
    Atoms are electrically neutral
  5. Why is the mass on the table not a whole number?
    Mass listed is an AVERAGE atomic mass of all the isotopes
  6. How does one calculate the number of neutrons in an atom?
    Atomic mass minus atomic number
  7. How does one find the number of protons of an atom?
    Atomic number on the periodic table
  8. What are two ways to find the number of electrons an atom has?
    Number of electrons is equal to the number of protons  OR add up the electron configuration listed on the per table
  9. How does an ion form?
    When an atom loses or gains an electron
  10. Has a  K+1 ion gained or lost an electron?
    Lost an electron
  11. What uniquely identifies an element?
    Atomic number
  12. How many electrons does a fluoride ion have?
    10   (Fluorine is atomic # 9, F-1 gains one)
  13. How many electrons does a copper (II) ion have?
    27 (copper has 29 , Cu+2 has lost 2)
  14. What term is used for atoms of the same element that have different masses?
  15. What two types of matter are considered pure substances?
    Elements and compounds
  16. What type of compound, ionic or molecular, exist as individual particles?
  17. What does it mean that water is a polar molecule?
    One end has a positive charge and the other has a negative charge
  18. What type of compound, ionic or molecular, exist as repeating formula units that make up a crystal?
  19. Define anion
    The negative ion of a cmpd
  20. Define cation
    The positive ion
  21. What is the total electrical charge of a compound?
  22. How do you write the formula for calcium bromide?  Give the cation, the anion and the formula
    Ca 2+     Br-1     CaBr2
  23. Using Reference table E, what is the formula for potassium sulfate.  Give the cation, anion and formula
    K+1    SO4 2-    K2SO4
  24. What is the  name of the compound Fe(NO3)2
    iron (III) nitrate
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Gen Chem Atomic Structure
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