1. Yanomamo
    • small groups (around 50 ppl) 
    • hunting and gathering society
    • do not have a written language
  2. Hunting and gathering (up to 12,000)
    • get more good from gathering 
    • when all food is gone in that area they move to a different place
  3. Horticultural (12,000-10,000)
    • growing the same crops over and over so they can stay on that land
    • eventually the soil gives out and they have to move again
  4. Pastoral (10,000-5,000)
    • breed animals for food 
    • have job spealizatrion
    • there are more ppl and they will grow taller
  5. Agricultural/agrarian
    some ppl jobs have nothing to do with producing food
  6. Industrial
    • growth and rise of cities
    • mechanical means of production
    • ex. tractors, factories
  7. Urbanized
    • population increases and mobes to the sities
    • people going to stores and schools
    • majority of the population lives within 50-100miles of a major city
  8. Postindustrial 
    most valuable commodity is electronically supplied information and a huge growth in service sector
  9. Mass societies
    • Large
    • People no longer live with their families until they are married
    • meet ppl that they dont know
  10. Culture
    • everything made learned and shared by members of a society
    • Norms, values, material, non-material
  11. Dominant culture (WASP)
    • factors: white, middle class, male
    • the culture that has the most
  12. WASP
    white anglo saxon protestant/male
  13. sub-culture
    • a way of living different from dominant but NOT in opposition to it
    • dominant and sub more or less get along
    • Jews, hispanics, catholics
  14. counter- culture
    • a way of living different from dominant and IN opposition to it. Dominant and counter dont get along 
    • one will try to get rid of the other
    • ex. terrorist, nazis
  15. material culture
    • something that you can see or touch
    • its tangible
    • live for cars, houses, etc. but NOT alot of it
  16. materialistic culture
    • the accumalation of things (buying ALOT of stuff)
    • judge ppl by what they have
  17. non-material culture
    • something that you cant see
    • beliefs, values, integrity, etc
  18. american values
    • freedom of religion 
    • believe in equality
    • believe in personal freedom 
    • and individuality
  19. culture shock
    the suprise that comes from the experincing another culture
  20. melting pot
    people from all different countries migrate to one place and ppl learn each others ways and there becomes a new type of american
  21. Pluralism
    has more than one culture (US is a pluralistic society)
  22. assimilation
    to become part of a culture and some originally charateristics are lost
  23. culture lag
    one part of a culture progress more slowly than another part of that culture
  24. cultural diffusion
    when a differnt culture spreads around another culture
  25. ethnocentrism
    the value/belief that your culture is superior
  26. cultural relativism
    when you realize an aspect of culture makes sense in that culture 
  27. norm
    • what is normally expected for ppl to do.
    • they change overtime and differ from place to place
    • differ according to the setting
    • ex. church, party
  28. folkway
    • (norm)
    • expectation based on convience or tradition
    • ex. do them without thinking
    • behavior
    • putting underwear in the top drawer
  29. more
    • (norm)
    • expectation based on morality (sense of right and wrong)
    • ex. living together before marriage ppl get upset
  30. law
    • (norm)
    • has to be written down and has consequences
    • cerain groups or agencies to make sure ppl are following the law
  31. taboo
    • (norm)
    • so strong that if you break a taboo it can get you kicked out of the group
    • ex. marrying out of your culture
    • keeping the secrets of sororities or fraternities
  32. deviant
    • somebody who violates norms 
    • somebody who doesnt do what they are supposed to or something that isnt normal
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