110.4 Common Elements

  1. Discuss the purpose of Instructional Media Materaials (IMM)
    Instructional matreaials that present a body of information and are largely self-supporting rather than supplementary in the teaching-learning process.
  2. List the minmum sections of a Lesson Plan
    • Front matter
    • Lesson Topics
  3. List the minimum sections of a Trainee Guide
    • Front matter
    • Instruction Sheets
  4. State the purpose of Course Training Task List (CTTL)
    lists the duties and tasks for a given course, sources for the duties and tasks, and associated Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Tools, and Resources (KSATR).
  5. Disuss what a CTTL gives the curriculum developer.
    CTTL is the building block of the course and will be used to develop the learning objectives and all other course materials.
  6. State the pupose of testing.
    the primary tool for determining trainee attaiment of the TO's/EO's and his/her relative succuss in the course.
  7. Explain the purpose to pilot a course
    to validate a Curriculum and its Supporting Materials.
  8. List and dicuss the triggers for developing, revising, or canceling a course
    • Additiong of a new training course
    • Revision to a training course that changes the instructional strategy or delivery method
    • Revision to a training course that changes couse length
    • Revision to a training course which increases resource requirements
    • Deletion of a training course
    • Transfer of a trainng course between CCAs
    • Addition or deletion of a training course (Course Data Processing (CDP))
  9. State the difference between the Course Mission Statement and a Terminal Objective.
    • Course Mission: provides the "who", "what job", "degree of qualification", the "where", and "condition" for training.
    • Terminal Objective: a learning objective that the trainee will accomplish by the end of the course
  10. Spell out the full term for the following abbreviations/acronyms
    DDA pages:
    • LP// lesson plan
    • DDA pages// discussion-demonstration-activity
    • TO// terminal objective
    • EO// enabling objective
    • DP// discussion point
    • RIA// related instructor activity
    • IMM/VI// instructional media material/visual information
  11. Discuss where to find the procedures for handling and storing classified trainng materials.
    Use classified material only when absolutely necessary.
  12. What documents are contained in the final Trainng Course Control Document (TCCD)?
    • Front matter
    • Curriculum Outline of Instruction
    • Annexes
  13. What annexes are included in the final Training Course Control Document (TCCD)?
    • Resources Requirements
    • Time allocations
    • Other Items
  14. What is contained in a Resources Requirements List (RRL)?
    a composite listing of all the materials, facilities, manpower and funding needed to conduct a training course.
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