109: Training Project Plan

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  1. State the purpose of a Training Project Pan (TPP)
    • It provides a Pan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M)
    • A TPP describes all the factors necessary to prepare and conduct a successful training program and attan aptimum use of personnel, hardware, and funds.
  2. Who has initial approval authority of a TPP?
    Curriculum Control Authority (CCA)
  3. For below events, who approves implementation of a TPP?
    A: Submitted to NETC per triggered event with zero sum gain.
    B: Submitted to NETC requiring additional resources of offsets.
    • A: NETC N7 appproves TPP implementation not requiring offsets.
    • B: OPNAV approves TPP implementation requiring offsets.
  4. View a TPP and explain the contents of a TPP:
    A: Curriculum COntrol Authority (CCA)
    B: Cover Page
    C: Course data
    D: Justification
    E Safety Risks and Hazardous materials
    F: Curriculum development method
    G: Resources requirements
    H: Compensation
    I: Milestones
    Expanation for 109.4 can be viewed in NAVEDTRA 130, Ch2, section 7.
  5. Describe the web application SERENA
    a web based application which allows Learning Centers to upload, maintain, and manage TPP.
  6. Describe the type of TPPs housed SERENA
    Capability to archive and provide a suspense location for TPPs requiring offsets and the Resource sponsor has not been identified.
  7. Explain how TPPs are identified and maintained in SERENA
    Each TPP is serialized by number with the first available number in the system. However, TPPs are separated by separated by Learning Center for ease of retrieval.
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