1. Rack of lamb
    • Colorado Lamb Rack (3-4) bones.  Seared then coated with dijon mustard, fresh herbs (parsley, tarragon, basil) and panko breadcrumbs then oven roasted, served over spinach and carrots.
    • Yukon gold potato- steamed and mixed with goat's cheese and butter.
    • Merlot reduction-takes 24 hours to make.  Veal stock, merlot, onions, carrots, celery, leeks, garlic, tomato paste, sherry, madeira.  then we pass the stock and discard everything but the stock. We then add more merlot and garlic to reduce the glaze.
  2. NY Steak
    Prime 12 Oz Niman ranch farm steak is grilled and topped with sweet red wine glaze and onions.  Served with house made truffle frieds and a salad of baby arugula, red radish, parmesan cheese
  3. Lobster Pot Pie
    In a saffron veloute sauce (lobster stock, equal parts butter & flour, sherry, saffron, s&p) With carrots, pearl onions, leeks, mushrooms, sweet peas) Lobster and shrimp is cooked to order then sauce is added.  The laste two items are peas and pearl onions.  These are the only items we can sub out.
  4. Duck Two Ways
    A Muscovy duck breast is wrapped in pancetta then pan seared (its best served rare to medium rare) and served over baby spinach and roasted figs.  The pancake is filled braised duck leg pieces, pine nuts, hoisin, oyster sauce, green onion and goat cheese.  Topped with a crispy raw vegetable (carrots, green papaya, mango, green onions, cilantro, mint).  Finished with a merlot reduction.
  5. Australian Barramundi
    This fish lives in the rivers of Austalia and feeds on small shrimp and crab which makes the fish sweet (not too fishy).  Over spinach and summer squash and has a fresh carrot ginger butter (with caraway seeds, garlic, touch of cream and butter) sauce.  Topped with grilled avocado, jumbo crab meat, diced mango and citrus olive oil.
  6. Beef Tenderloin
    9oz prime beef filet is grilled, topped with roasted tomato relish and served over lobster, corn and pea risotto.  Served with aparagus. RISOTTO- risotto rice, corn stock, saffron, onions, fennel, garlic, butter, cream, parmesian cheese.
  7. Sweet Soy Glazed Norwegian Cod
    The glaze is made from yuzu (Japanese Citrus Juice, garlic, ginger and a lite soy sauce) The cod is pan seared, brushed with the glaze on a bed of basmati rice, assorted baby vegetablesthat may change daily. Coconut red pepper broth-coconut milk, garlic, ginger, miso paste, mirin, green onion, corn and fennel NO CREAM)
  8. Pork Chop
    BBQ Glazed (ketchup, liquid smoke, dijon mustard, paprika, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, red wine vinaigrette) with dried fruit polenta cake ( corn meal, golden raisings, dried cranberries, mango, carrots, onions, goat cheese, parmesian cheese, chicken stock) spinach, carrots, merlot reduction
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