Anatomy Muscle Movements

  1. Flexion
    • bending a joint to decrease the angle between two body parts.
    • ex: flexing your biceps, putting your fingers into a fist.
  2. Extension
    • straightening and extending the joint to increase the angle between two body parts.
    • ex: extending your legs
  3. Abduction
    • moving a body part away from the body.
    • ex: moving your arms laterally away from the body
  4. Adduction
    • moving the body part towards the midline of the body.
    • ex: putting your arms by your sides
  5. Rotation
    moving the body part around its axis.
  6. Circumduction
    • the proximal end of a limb remains stationary while the distal end moves in a circle
    • ex: making your arms form a circle
  7. Supination
    turning the palm of the hand upwards
  8. Protonation
    movement of the palm of the hand from an upward facing position to a downward facing position
  9. Eversion
    • turning a body part outward
    • ex: pointing your toes laterally
  10. Inversion
    • turning a body part inwards
    • ex: turning your toes inwards
  11. Dorsiflexion
    toes pointed upwards
  12. Plantar Flexion
    • toes pointing downwards
    • ex: standing on your tiptoes
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