Practice Issues Quiz 2 Review

  1. What does OSHA stand for?
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  2. What is the mission of OSHA?
    To prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, and death by issuing and enforcing standards for workplace safety and health.
  3. Who manages OSHA in New York?
    • Private Businesses - federal
    • Public Businesses - state
  4. OSHA is only able to pursue a criminal penalty when a willful violation of an OSHA standard results in what?
    • Death of a worker
    • *maximum penalty is 6 months in jail
  5. What does this symbol mean?
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    • Contains Hazardous Materials
    • *Red bag / containers may substitute for this label
  6. Each employer having an employee(s) with occupational exposure shall establish a written ____ designed to eliminate or minimize employee exposure.
    ECP - Exposure Control Plan
  7. The employer shall make available the Hepatitis B vaccine to all employees who...
    • occupational exposure
    • post-exposure evaluation
    • follow-up to all employees who have had an exposure incident
    • *if employee refuses, the option to have one should still me made available, have employee sign a statement of refusal
  8. An employer shall train each employee...
    • At no cost
    • During work hours
    • At time of initial employment
    • Regarding Tasks where exposure occurs
    • Annually
    • Any time new procedures, equipment
  9. If someone under your employment ceases to work for you, how long do you keep their records for?
    30 years after thier employment with you
  10. Records are required to be kept for Training Sessions, how long are they supposed to be kept for?
    • 3 Years
    • *They are available to Assitant Secretary and Director of OSHA
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