Med Words W7

  1. lymph
    clear, watery fluid that surronds body cells and flows in a system of lymph vessels
  2. interstitial fluid
    fluid in the spaces between cells
  3. lymph nodes
    clusters of lymph tissue
  4. allergen
    agent that is non-infectious but still triggers and immune response
  5. anaphylixis
    extraordinary hypersensitivity reaction
  6. antigens
    foreign organisms
  7. antibodies
    immunoglobulins produced by lymphocytes in reponse to bacteria, viruses or other antigenic substances
  8. autoimmune disease
    condition when immune system mistakenly attacks healthy body tissue
  9. immunity
    the body's ability to resist foreign organisms and toxins that damage tissue and organs
  10. reduction
    treatment of a fracture which restores the bone to its normal position. Open or closed
  11. abscess
    walled off area of infection that can be difficult or impossible to penetrate with antibiotics
  12. fascia
    fibrous membrane separating and enveloping muscles
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