Tone Words 2

  1. convincing
    persuasive; believable, plausible
  2. colloquial
    characteristic of ordinary and informal conversation
  3. comic
    humorous, funny, light (there are many levels of comedy.)
  4. concise
    using very few words to express a great deal
  5. confessional
    characterized by personal admissions of faults (used more recently to describe very personal autobiographical writing)
  6. contemptuous
    expressing contempt or disdain (as opposed to contempible, which means deserving of contempt)
  7. conventional
    ordinary, ususal, conforming to established standards (can be applied to language as well as to manners or values)
  8. convoluted
    very complicated or involved (as in the case of sentences with many qualifiers, phrases, and clauses)
  9. cool
    unaffected by emotions, especially anger or fear, in modern slang there are many shades of meaning: great, really fine, calm, composed
  10. crepuscual
    having to do with twilight or shadowy areas (as in the darker and more hidden parts of human experience)
  11. cynical
    a tendency to believe that all human behavior is selfish and opportunistic (lago in Othello is a cynical character; some writers are cynical)
  12. decadent
    marked by a decay in morals, values, and artistic standards; deplored by some writers; applauded by others
  13. dense
    thick, compacted, intense, sometimes to a fault
  14. depressing
    sad, gloomy (without the redeeming qualitiesof true tragedy)
  15. detached
    disinterested, unbiased, emotionally disconnected
  16. derivative
    coming from something or someone else (when a writer's style is derivative it seems to stem from the style of an earlier writer or group of writers)
  17. discursive
    moving pointlessly from one subject to another; rambling
  18. dispassionate
    free from passion; uninfluenced by personal feelings
  19. dream-like
    having the characteristics of a dream. (in literature events are sometimes portrayed as though they are happening in dreams, which often contain symbols and distortions of reality.)
  20. dreary
    depressing, dismal, boring
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