SLS grammar

  1. Syntax
    order of elements in a sentence

    I never want it. I am never tired
  2. Pregmatics
    the way in which we use language in context

    "Give it back" say to brother but not to teacher
  3. Native language
    the language first learned
  4. Instructed learning
    Instructed second language learning: learning a second language through instruction
  5. Interlanguage
    • A learner's developing second language
    • May have characterisitcs of learner's first language, characteristics of second language
  6. Fossilization
    Some features in a learner's language may stop changing
  7. Semantics
    meaning, or reference of words

    "Every boy likes a girl"
  8. Phonology
    sound patterns/system

    "I made you go there" vs "With the cake I made, you go there"
  9. Grammatical morphemes
    • A simple word is a morpheme (ie. book)
    • Grammatical morphemes refer to smaller units added to words to alter their meaning (ie. -s in 'books')
  10. Second Language
    Any language other than the first language learned
  11. Naturalistic learning
    Learning a second language through catural interaction
  12. Zone of proximal development
    The metaphorical place in which a learner is capable of a higher level of performance because there is support from interaction with an interlocutor.
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