1. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
    Roasted squash, nutmeg, ginger, all spice, veggie stock, celery, garlic, touch of cream topped with cumin scented leeks, a dav of marscapone cheese
  2. Clam and Corn Clam Chowder
    Corn, clam, whitefish, smoked apple bacon, heavy cream, garlic, celery, potato, carrots, onions, leeks
  3. caesar salad
    hearts of romaine, apple bacon, shaved padano cheese, garnished with cornmeal, rice flour fried pineapple croutons, traditional dressing (raw eggs, olive oil, worcheshire sauce, garlic anchovies, tabasco dijon mustard, dry vermouth, lemon juice.)
  4. Ahi Tacos
    Raw ahi tuna, avocado, green onions, mixed with soy dressing (soy sauce, olive oil, fresh ginger, pickled ginger, lime juice, sweet chili sauce, cilantro) Served in a miso pasted, sesame shell, garnished with tobiko caviar.
  5. Beet Salad
    Red and yellow baby beets, oven roasted with fennel seeds and ginger, spiced (cinnamon, red wine) poached asian pears, candied walnuts, topped with panko fried goats cheese, honey mustard dressing (olive oil, clove honey dijon mustard, garlic rice vinegar)
  6. Scallop Appetizer
    2 sea scallops seared rare over grated fresh corn flavored with a little ginger, garlic and cream topped with a roasted tomato relish and a dressing made from roasted portobello mushrooms and truffle oil.
  7. Copley's Sampler
    1 ahi taco and scallop both off the menu and a salmon tartar.  Raw saalmon diced and mixed with chopped capers marinated in lime juice, garlic and ginger.  Garnish with a crispy wonton and tobiko caviar.
  8. Wedge Salad
    Baby organic iceberg lettuce cut into quarters and mixed with cherry tomatoes, olives, cooked mushrooms.  Marinated in garlic, lemon juice, white wine, herbs.  Tossed with bleu cheese dressing (raw eggs, dijon mustard, garlic, sugar, tobasco, worchshire sauce, dry vermouth, rice vinegar, olive oil and bleu cheese.)
  9. Arugula duck salad
    Wedge sliced heirloom tomatoes with baby arugula lettuce garnished with shaved raw fennel, roasted figs and oranges, balsamic dressing (aged quality balsamic vinegar, sugar, dijon mustard, garlic, olive oil.)
  10. Miso Pork Belly and Scallops
    4 oz pork belly braised for 3 hours with white miso, ginger, soy sauce, garlic chicken broth. 2 or 3 fresh scallops over spinach and carrots.  The sauce is in the cooking liquid reduction down to a light glaze.
  11. scottish salmon
    (loch duart is a lake in Scotland where the fish is bred in an all natural environment) 7 oz loch duart salmon, pan seared over spinach, ratatouille and gnocchi.  Ratatouille-diced onions, beell peppers, zucchini, fennel and assorted wild mushrooms.  All cooked in white wine, garlic, tomato paste and fennel seeds. Gnochi-eggs, flour, parmesan and ricotta cheese (no potato in this mix) tomato dressing-char-grilled beefsteak tomato till blackened, rice vinegar, dijon mustard, liquid smoke, tomato juice from ratatouille, olive oil, touch of cream.
  12. Rack of Lamb
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