Wordly Wise lesson 17 book 7

  1. Aggregate (n) (adj) (v)
    • (n)1. A group of things gathered into a whole; a sum total
    • (adj)2. Formed or calculated by the combination of many separate units or items; total
    • (v)3. To form or group into a class or cluster
  2. Allocate (v)
    • 1. To set aside for a specific purpose; to allot
    • 2. To distribute according to plan
    • Ex.
    • Ramon allocated his money to three different charities.
  3. Augur (v)
    • 1. To predict future events, especially from omens
    • From the animal's strange behaviour, the farmer could augur the imminent arrival of bad weather.
    • 2. To give promise of
    • Ex.
    • The laudatory reviews augur well for the success of the book.
  4. Bastion (n)
    • 1. A fortified area or position; a person, palce; or thing that is a source of strength
    • Ex.
    • The math advisor was a bastion for students taking the AP test.
    • 2. Something that is considered a stronghold
    • Ex.
    • When literature was considered a male stronghold, many women used male pseudonyms when writing.
  5. Decorum (n)
    • Suitable, proper behaviour or speech
    • Ex.
    • Talking loudly during a movie is shows a lack of decorum.
  6. Defunct (adj)
    No longer existing or functioning
  7. Disarray (n)
    Lack of order; confusion
  8. Halycon (adj)
    • Calm, peaceful, and happy; prosperous
    • Ex.
    • Grandpa often reminisces about the halycon days when he was a young boy.
  9. Homily (n)
    • A lecture, usually long, on how to behave morally
    • Ex.
    • Lunchtime has recently turned into a homily session from our teachers.
  10. Hyperbole (n)
    Extravagent exaggeration
  11. Importune (v)
    • To plead for persistently
    • Ex.
    • He repeatedly importuned with his parents to get computer privileges back.
  12. Jurisdiction (n)
    • Legal authority to govern or control
    • Ex.
    • The federal government has jurisdiction over the nation's air traffic control.
  13. Ruminate (v)
    • To thing over again and again; to ponder
    • Ex.
    • He spent weeks ruminating about the meaning of the novel, Metamorphisis.
  14. Temerity (n)
    Reckless boldness without regard to danger or opposition
  15. Winnow (v)
    • To separate and remove what is undersirable and leave what is desirable; to blow away the chaff from the grain
    • Ex.
    • It was Nadia's job to interview the potential employees, winnow out the unqualified candidates, and recommend the qualified candidates for a second interview.
  16. Chaff (n) (v)
    • (n)1. The husks of corn or other seeds seperated by winnowing or threshing
    • 2. Lighthearted joking; banter
    • (v)3. To tease
    • Ex.
    • My parents always tell me not to chaff my little brother for his constant mistakes.
  17. Tantamount (adj)
    • Equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as
    • Ex.
    • The resignations were tantamount to admissions of guilt.
  18. Badinage (n)
    • Humourous conversation
    • Ex.
    • It's good to have badinage with your friends once in a whole to relive the tensions of life.
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Wordly Wise lesson 17 book 7
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