Wordly Wise Lesson 16 Book 7

  1. Aura (n)
    A distinctive atmosphere or feeling that seems to surround someone or something; a distinctive appearance or impression
  2. Banal (adj)
    • Lacking freshness; trite
    • Ex.
    • The movie plot was so banal, I predicted the ending within the first half hour.
  3. Bemuse (v)
    To confuse or bewilder
  4. Cognizant (adj)
    • Fully aware; taking notice
    • Ex.
    • One must be very cognizant to be able to discern the magic tricks performed by a dexterous magician.
  5. Conundrum (n)
    • 1. A riddle whose answer is a play on words
    • 2. A puzzle or word problem that is difficult or impossible to solve
  6. Evanescent (adj)
    • Short-lived; staying temporarily
    • Ex.
    • Evening showers are an evanescant phenomenon in the tropics.
  7. Factotum (n)
    • A helper or an assistant with a wide range of duties and responsibilities
    • Ex.
    • The studio head made the decisions, and his factotum handled the details.
  8. Grandoise (adj)
    • 1. Impressive because of large size or scope
    • 2. Characterized by the pretense of granduer or absurd exaggeration
  9. Induce (v)
    • 1. To influence or persuade
    • Ex.
    • We finally induced our grandmother to use the AC we installed in her bedroom.
    • 2. To bring about; to cause
  10. Intransigent (adj)
    • Refusing to compromise or change one's position on an issue
    • Ex.
    • The intransigent attitude of my brother creates much friction between us.
  11. Laudatory (adj)
    • Full of praise
    • Ex.
    • His laudatory remarks make him well liked amongst his teachers.
  12. Panache (n)
    • Dash or flamboyance in style or action
    • Ex.
    • The chef chopped and diced the vegetables with awe-inspiring panache.
  13. Picayune (adj)
    • Petty or insignificant; concerned with trifling matters
    • Ex.
    • While evaluating the house, the inspector looked at the most picayune details, practically checking every nail and splinter.
  14. Predilection (n)
    • An inclination; a preference
    • Ex.
    • I have a predilection for Thai food and eat it at least once a week.
  15. Promontory (n)
    • A high point of land that juts out in water
    • Ex.
    • We had a nice view of the whole surrounding area from the promontory.
  16. Absinthe (n)
    • 1. The shrub wormwood
    • 2. An essence made from this
  17. Breathalyzer (n)
    A device used by police to test the levels of alcohol in a person
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Wordly Wise Lesson 16 Book 7
Wordly Wise Lesson 16 Book 7